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  1. Hoenn is best region

    1. Yoggs


      Hoenn IS the best region and no one can argue that

    2. tamastar133


      THAT'S REALLY THE BEST OF ALL BETTER THAN THE OTHERS (I just wanted to comment in here 'cause of Pokemon regions and all XD)

    3. PurplePyonkotchi00!


      Lol 4 days after I say this there is a Hoenn remake game XD

  2. 1. Trainer Battle 2. Wild Pokemon Battle 3. Rival Battle 4. Gym Leader Battle 5. Korrina Mega Evolution Battle 6. Team Flare Battle 7. Team Flare Leader Battle 8. Legendary Battle 9. Kanto Legendary Battle 10. Elite Four Battle 11. Champion Battle I think.. 1-4 are automatically there... 5-11 are unlocked throughout the game
  3. Only PC. I can't see how people can play on consoles, It's far too clumsy for me.
  4. Happy Birthday! ^^ Hope you have/had a good day!

  5. Nice Togepi :D

    1. Yoggs


      Thanks:P Nice Pyonkotchi! XD

  6. Is that Togepi? Sticking its tounge out? c: wait it looks as if it's in a Togekiss sweater!

  7. You're banned for liking Braixen.
  8. Ooh, good idea, I don't use tumblr but I have a few friends that do. I'll ask them to get a few friend codes :3. And yeah, it's mainly for the friend safari (at least for me). I'm after a large variety of pokemon that aren't available in Kalos. and thanks!
  9. Right, so. I couldn't find any other topics in here for the exchange of friend codes so yeah. (if there is, I apologise and will remove the topic upon request) This is really only for people with pokemon X & Y, if you don't own the game but wish to exchange friend codes, go ahead. I can't stop you but be sure to say that you don't own the game. My friend code is 0146-9843-2578, feel free to add me, I'll probably add the people that post their own friend code.
  10. £32.99 for each. (I got a pack of cards with each :3 I don't even use them.) Which is $54.49 CAD and $52.77 US Dollars. So all in all I spent: £65.98 $108.98 CAD $105.40 US Dollars Roughly...
  11. Exactly, about two towns away from the 3rd gym and my highest level is 35, oh combusken...
  12. To what I said earlier... I lied I got greedy and got both versions... I got a pack of cards with each aswell