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    -V4 from when I was little (lost or thrown away). I've been trying to find it - from what I remember, it was pink with white swirls or something. If anybody knows of this design, please tell me!
    -V5 from when I was little (Red with white sparkles - Lost or thrown away)
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    V4, as it was my first ever Tamagotchi.
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    Memetchi, Violetchi, Kuromametchi, and heaps more whoops

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  1. when you attempt to run a few tamas but they all die a day after ;A;

    1. tamastar133


      That's tough.

    2. Alex Grigoriou

      Alex Grigoriou

      -_- I can relate... 

  2. i have more of a connection to the connection ver (ha funnie), but retro mame looks adorable too
  3. AAAAH I FORGOT ABOUT ESP I LOVED THAT ABILITY, granted i was a huge fan of the MOTHER series around the time i got robobot so it kinda worked more in my favor, please tell me it returns in Star Allies
  4. YO ITS IN STAR ALLIES?? NVM NOW ITS THE BEST KIRBY GAME /s seriously tho i thought chef was a dead ability, i am obviously Out of Touch™ when it comes to kirby things now oh no
  5. mirror i can agree with, never got used to archer tho personal favourites' always either gonna be beetle (rip), beam or fighting, maybe chef too because that's just adorable
  6. i love the precious round boy imagine if there was a kirb tamagotchi and you could raise all these different kinds of kirbs, im thinkin copy ability types (secret kirbs could be like UFO and stuff) it probably wouldn't happen but i want it now
  7. but you know whats more superb This is now a Kirby thread if it wasn't already