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    A whole lotta stuff! I like video games (Nintendo FTW!), drawing, and film-making + photography. :D

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    -Tamagotchi P2 White w/ Grey
    -Tamagotchi P2 Navy/Blue Spaceship (JP Series 2)
    -Tamagotchi V1 Lavender w/ Balls
    -Tamagotchi V2 Transparent Blue
    -Tamagotchi V3 Pink w/ Ice Cream
    -Tamagotchi V4 Beads Red
    -Tamagotchi V4 White Characters
    -Tamagotchi V4.5 Black Flare
    -Tamagotchi Familitchi V5 Tama House x2
    -Tamagotchi Music Star V6 Glam Rock
    -Tamagotchi Tamatown TamaGo Pink w/ 6 figures
    -Tamagotchi iD L Pink
    -Tamagotchi ID L Princess Spacey Edition
    -Tamagotchi P's Pink
    -Tamagotchi Friends Wild Hearts
    -Tamagotchi 4U White
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    -Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary Edition Pink

    -Tamagotchi Pocket Designer
    -Tamagotchi the Movie (lost)
    -Tamagotchi V4 Snow (lost)
    -Tamagotchi V4 Rainbow Plaid (Broken)
    -Pink + White V4 from when I was little (lost or thrown away)
    -V5 from when I was little (Red Gemstone - Lost or thrown away)
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    V4, as it was my first ever Tamagotchi.
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    Memetchi, Mimitchi, Violetchi, Kuromametchi, and Himespetchi! I just get really happy when I see them :D Uramametchi as well, maybe?
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    Nothing at the mo :(

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  1. Hi Tammy! Welcome to Tamatalk! I was thinking, in terms of teenage stages (Kuchipatchi is considered an adult, good suggestion though!): Hinotamatchi, who appears like this [] and is available on the V1, V2, V3, V4 ,and V6! You can obtain him with average to bad care depending on the versions. Nonopotchi, who appears like this [] and is available on the V5.5 Celebrity and V6 as a teen - on the Tama-Go and upwards, he has been aged up to the adult stage! You can obtain him with bad care on all versions. Kuchitamatchi, who appears like this [] and is available on the original Tamagotchi released in 1996 (P1) and it's 2018 western re-release (G1) as a teen - on the V3 and upwards, he has been regressed to the toddler stage! You can obtain him with either above-average care on the V3 and poor care on all other versions. These three Tamagotchis on their specified versions are known to be quite duck-like in appearance, obtained with usually average/bad care, and male (on the V3 and upwards). Hope this is helpful! If you're not sure what Tamagotchi version you have, I always recommend Tamashell.com - it lists many Tamagotchi shells that you can match with your own! If you're still not sure, don't be afraid to post a picture of your device - we can always identify for you! Good luck raising your Tamagotchi!!
  2. A V2 and a pair of V6s slipped right out of my hands.

    I hate auctions. :(

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    2. Penguin-keeper


      If it's any help, I've only had good experiences with sellers who use eBay's Global Shipping Programme. The service had a terrible reputation in its early days and I avoided it back then, but over the last few years, at least in my experience, it seems to be perfectly fine.

      Its real problem is that it's almost always ludicrously expensive! :o For that I reason, I avoid it unless it's the only way to get an item.

    3. 321Boom


      I too have had a positive experience with the Global Shipping Program. I received my Magic ON from America to Malta in just 3 days! It came by DHL. Sure, it was pricey (30 USD shipping), but it was worth it in the end to start my new Tama adventure so quickly after ordering! :D:lol:  

    4. Tamacass


      I see, I see! Yeah I forgot to mention avoiding the GSP for it's price (it's so much more expensive than the actual Tamagotchi half the time), but I'm somewhat glad to hear you guys didn't have trouble with it. :kuribotchi:

  3. Hey, this looks cool! I can get behind exploration games, and while the pets seem more animal-like then alien, they still look quite cute (though I'm not sure about the eyes on the humans, I think maybe beady eyes would've done just fine?). I might pick it up when it releases depending on the price, I'm always looking for new games to try out!
  4. Maybe your Tamagotchi got so tired of your solutions it just decided to give up halfway-through. XD On a more serious note, I have no idea! I'm sure we're definitely overthinking this but if it didn't happen before then--???? It'd be a weird glitch if so! I thought for a sec that maybe the Meets had more varying messages and the ON had just translated two defaults over all of them, but it was stated earlier that most of the translations were accurate?? I did not expect this issue to be so deep-seated! Nobody ever really questioned the messages asked on previous devices like the iD L and P's (etc etc) so for this to start happening waaaay down the line is just confusing to me.
  5. imagine having an ON ;w; nah but seriously that's what i call dedication, i've never even reached 10 generations, maybe save for my Music Star back in 2013! everyone's tastes in tamagotchi characters are extremely high quality btw - i can't find pics for the newer ON tamas though!
  6. I have a whole heap of favourites!! But I also love Memetchi and Mimitchi, as well as more obscure characters like Uramametchi and Nyatchi It helps that they're all extremely fun to draw >w<
  7. Colour Tamagotchis are a bit weird to get used to, especially in Japanese! There's a ton of guides on the internet that can help you, ones I've used myself - click on the underlined titles and they'll take you to the website listed: VPets - This 4U guide has every option fully translated and listed out for you! It's super easy to match the Japanese to the ones written, so don't worry if you get lost in the options. Fuzzy-n-Chic - This guide has things such as icon translations, growth charts (so you can get Mametchi without accidentally getting a different character!), and even other guides for things you may not understand straight away on the 4U - there's much more to it than meets the eye, even I get confused when coming back to this version! Here's the Tamagotchi Wikia page for the 4U if you want more details on the device itself - it shares a few facts with the other websites listed above, but I always find it helpful if I don't want to read through the more complex guides listed above. Hope these links help you out!
  8. I'd love to get a Tamagotchi V5.5, as low-key as it sounds! It's the one I need in order to complete my collection of the western Tamagotchi Connection models. They're so expensive to find, but I'm holding out for the day someone eventually puts up an affordable listing. Here's to everyone finding their own holy grails!
  9. just coming in to say that 1. how dare you and 2. you're absolutely correct i have a constant love-hate relationship with this game, even without its gameplay (you don't select the board, you set the amount of 'elections' ((rounds)) you'll play for, and then you start at the same board every time and it's random which board it'll switch to next, there's so many more problems but the mini-games were fun ), as it's also the thing that got me to remember about Tamagotchi years after i stopped playing with them! I owned this game when Tamagotchi was in its prime over here and never got rid of it, so it's constantly a question of whether or not i should thank it for getting me into tamas again or curse it for the exact same reason. either way I'd love to see a thread on obscure Tamagotchi merch/spin-offs that don't follow the typical formula! I love this kind of stuff and it makes me sad that it's rarely documented. The only other piece of merchandise I have (using the word extremely loosely) is a copy of the film, which I lost a few years ago anyway. Oops.
  10. Maybe the same thing applies to 'I want to play' = purchasing a new toy? I don't think so myself, but anything goes at this point, haha!
  11. Welcome to Tamatalk! I've been collecting Tamagotchis for a few years now, so I've got a modest amount haha! What kind of tama do you have?
  12. I totally forgot about a V6 I made an offer for and I ended up missing out! ;A; I'm not too worried though, it was still pretty expensive. -_- I hope whoever ended up purchasing it gives it a good home! :wub:

  13. Aww That sucks! Though @Joc's answer about a possibly unfufilled end goal does sound probable. If we can't even understand a Tamagotchi's requests, how are we expected to raise it?! Who thought this was a good idea?! Sucks about the quotes as well! It's such a common problem with dialogue when translating things into English in any format - mostly in RPGs as far as I can tell due to their heavy amounts of text - when you're trying to fit in long sentences into short (and limited) spaces originally reserved for a much shorter language (in terms of characters, anyway). Does anyone know if the Meets has the same issue concerning the requests? Or is it different in that aspect?
  14. I don't even own an On, but I remember the P's showing messages similar to this! Even then I have a few theories from what I've observed: I want to play: I didn't see the arcade mentioned in here! You've probably already tried this - I saw the Sushi Bar mentioned -, but maybe take them to a few different locales and try all the games out, see which one makes the attention icon disappear? I want a new look: What @iTamannadi said (and is exactly what you're doing)! Maybe it's there as an incentive for players to spend more Gotchi points out of guilt or something XD I'd get an On, but it's not exactly cheap from where I live ;w; I hope this helps you out either way (even if it's more or less regurgitating what we already know, haha)!