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    A whole lotta stuff! I like video games (Nintendo FTW!), drawing, and film-making + photography. :D

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    -Tamagotchi P2 White w/ Grey
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    -Tamagotchi V1 Lavender w/ Balls
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    -Snow Leopard OR Pink Sakura V4 from when I was little (Lost or thrown away)
    -Red Gemstone V5 from when I was little (Lost or thrown away)
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    V4, as it was my first ever Tamagotchi.
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    Too many too list!! But Nyatchi is my personal favourite right next to Chantotchi :D
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    -Tamagotchi Nano Pac-Man Edition Yellow

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  1. I had a huge Earthbound phase back in 2017! I've been meaning to explore the hacking scene of this game, I'll definitely have to check it out when I can. Now that I think about it, there is a Christmas-themed video game I have... though it's not like it's an original creation, per say. It came in a pack of a few Super Mario Bros (NES) ROM hacks I downloaded a few years ago: it was dubbed Toadette's Christmas Adventure. I've played through it a few times, mainly when I get extremely bored: It's a pretty short ROM hack, all things considered, but there's a really sweet and nostalgic charm to it (it's a pretty old hack from what I remember). There's also a companion game to it, in which you play as Toad instead, but I don't have that one on me. I'll post more if I remember anything else Christmas-themed from the depths of my memory!
  2. I've never had a video game that I play around Christmas before (or, at least, a Christmas-themed one), this sounds like such a good idea! If I'm thinking about it now... maybe a marathon involving all the snow-themed world and levels in the Mario games I own. Can't go wrong with the series I love the most! @Penguin-keeper I've never heard of this game, but it looks like it makes for a fun play-through every year! @mimitchi ^o^ My favourite Animal Crossing is also the one on the GameCube! Before I bought my lovely second-hand GC, I used to emulate the original, and it slowly became my preferred title. New Leaf was my first game in the series, and I have lots of good memories with it, but Population: Growing! is where it's at. Too bad my GameCube's clock battery ran out and needs opening up to even replace it -- at least my old, yellowing Wii has backwards compatibility! Somewhat off-topic, but I do have a yearly movie-watching tradition: A Charlie Brown Christmas + Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Animation/stop-motion and Christmas-themed? Sign me up.
  3. The Hello Kitty Nano's been released! Unfortunately, it's not available anywhere near me, and I would purchase it from EB Games (of which marks it as 'exclusive' down here) if their shipping rates suddenly hadn't shot up to $14. Waiting this one out for now. :(

    1. LucidLyes


      Maybe I should have started to code these retro tamagotchis in decreasing chronological order. I'd be coding the PacMan one right now lol

  4. I sometimes experience this - specifically, the invisible field of falling pieces, usually after staring/closing my eyes - with different puzzle games I play, though it only really happens if I've been playing them for waaaaay too long. I've never thought about it being connected with my tamagotchi dreams! They usually happen very rarely, during a time when I'm not running a version, or when I haven't thought about the subject entirely for a while. It could totally be a reason for them though.
  5. My Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town just arrived! There was a bit of a scare - the previous owner had left batteries in, and it was refusing to activate with a new pair, but one battery test with my good ol' Tamatown Tama-Go and it decided to play nice! Log post coming soon... ;) hopefully. XD

    1. 321Boom


      Whew, glad it worked in the end! Enjoy your new Tama!! xD :D:D:D

    2. PurplePyonkotchi00!
  6. Oh my gosh I have the exact same dreams as you, they're occasionally reoccurring (every few months) and there's always either so many (usually free) or so little (usually costs money, weirdly). I once had a dream about going to a thrift store (it looked more like a grocery store with its shelves and layout tbh), and I saw a weird flip-phone Tamagotchi with a transparent background (no paper sheet inside)! Starting this year I've had around two dreams about going to this mall and seeing this store - in the first dream it was a huge store going out of business and it was selling all of it's NIB color tamas for $1 each, then a dream I had way later involved the store back in business, where you could play luck-based games (like the ticket-earning machines you can find in arcades) to win tamas. I won two pink iD Ls (also new in box)! Amazing. I never fail to wake up in a sad state after these dreams. They always vary in location too (similar to yours) - I once had this dream where I was at this country fair of sorts and there was this massive building-sized crate full of Tamagotchis. That was a few years ago now iirc? It was super weird, but pretty cool either way!
  7. Well, Lovelitchi is the best care character on a lot of colour 'gotchis, including this one! Memetchi is considered the worst care character, so you would've had to neglect her pretty hard if you already knew the five-donut strategy didn't work. Bunbuntchi! (I see what you did there XD). I can't wait to hear about how he looks as an adult.
  8. All good, his genes can still produce some highly interesting results! Lovelitchi and Mametchi mixes are either cute as heck or... well. Whatever happens, I'm sure Bunbuntchi will be a kind, strong boy no matter how he looks!
  9. Kuchipatchi for the win! He's just a good boy.
  10. numba t h r e e i dont trust them penguinos, except for pingu i will make an exception for him
  11. this is penguin propaganda and i will not stand for it 2!!!
  12. 14 of those monkeys then decided to take a trip to the snow, and became the arctic monkeys instead.
  13. 10! @Tacoburritotchi peace and love peace and love? @321Boom that is a disturbing image, why is it alive why must i see it with my own eyes