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    -V5 from when I was little (Red with white sparkles - Lost or thrown away)
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  1. Jeez, I remember joining on the 9th anniversary of this site! Happy birthday Tamatalk!!

  2. oh yea, true anyway i guess i'm just gonna post random stuff i'll regret doing so in the future, yaaaaaaaaay
  3. okay im not letting any of you win, but seriously where did everybody go (unless you're like me and were just clicking onto this site everyday to check for notifications, and if there were none you'd just up and leave lol)
  4. that's fantastic!! i hope u two can find many adventures in love :3
  5. Aaaaaah, there's a likes limit! I don't think I've ever been this active when it comes to status updates except for when I first joined Tamatalk lol

    1. anasmilkbar


      there's a likes limit???????

  6. Woah-ho! Check out the new Tamatalk! It's nice and fancy (and a bit confusing, haha!!) but it looks really cool! Man, it's weird to think future members of Tamatalk will be joining this site not knowing it used to work differently not long ago. Cheers to the future of Tamatalk! :D (also emojis in status updates, heck yes!)

    EDIT: You can also edit status updates now! Woop woop! ...I don't know if this feature was here before actually, wait a minute...

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I agree! I bet there will be some time before people get used to the new format. Kinda reminds me of my church back when we moved to a new building and people would get lost. We sure didn't have the ability to edit statuses with the older system.

      If you hadn't used the new like system on Admin's post I would have never figured it out. Good thing to know liking is not gone for good! (It was one the features I have and still admire).


  7. Oof, Morioh just snowed and now Josuke's sofa is making strange sounds...probably because of that snowy bench...

  8. I visited your town in my dreams in ACNL! It was awesome :D I accidentally visited a different Morioh before by way of the search function, but all these towns look so fantastic anyway... I hope mine can look as cool as them!

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Awwww thank you uwu *hug*

  9. Ah I see! Considering that you have prior experience with the connections and want to raise a pet that works similar to the V3, I'd say go for the +Color. The ID is very similar but I feel the +Color has a lot more charm to it from what I've seen. As I mentioned before they're both extremely rare so the fact that you managed to find two properly-priced listings is actually awesome. If you feel more confident in the +Color then go for it!
  10. aaaaah i don't know which family i should go for on my V5! Smart or Cheerful? I have the two characters required, it's just tricky to decide :o

  11. Yo, I think she means the Tamagotchi ID (the one before the ID L, from 2009) Anyway, from what I've seen, I say go for the +Color. They're extremely rare, but not as rare as the ID, which looks pretty but is super hard to find. In fact, both of these Tamagotchis are pretty rare, so I'd say do your research first before deciding. I have none of these, however, so take my advice with a pinch of salt. Either way, the +Color is a lot more like the original Tamagotchi connections, which I like, so I've always been a fan of that Tama. Then again, if you love the ID L, then you'd probably love the ID, too
  12. Heya! Welcome back! I see not many people like Erina (she deserves it grrrrr), haha.... Anyway, for those who are reading and don't have any context, here's why I didn't update last night: I didn't have my laptop on me and my phone refused to work with Tamatalk (for some reason 3DS systems of any kind are compatible with this site, so that's actually kinda cool), so I left a few readers hanging. Sorry! Anyway, some more exciting news: (Highly adjusted for visibility.) The V5 has evolved!! Stats: Family Name: Artes Family Type: Blended Bonding Level: 100% Stage: Adults! Rose has become Memetchi (heck yes), Damian has become Sukatchi (heck yesssss) and Lilac has become Chantotchi (heck yesssssssss)! Erina (UFOtchi, V2), however, has not evolved. Wahoo!! I'm a Tamagotchi from the main trio! I'm a cool Tamagotchi! Finally, Erina can't bully me anymore! I've gone from the Cheerful family to the Easy-Going family to the Smart family...! You three are all Tamagotchis I love and grew up with! Be proud of yourselves. Aww yeah, even though you cheated and gave us semi-jet lag in order to raise our bonding levels very high. Shhhhhh! Huh? But you've literally told the readers you chea- No, I mean... (I'm a good caretaker, trust me. Ignore the fact that I didn't turn the lights off or that there's poop next to her.) Erina's asleep. Oooooooh. Well maybe we should wake that brat up! Lilac! What? One of the readers is on my side, right? Yeah, but you're a part of the smart family now. You're meant to think rationally. Feel the pain, sis. Being a smart family member was the worst memory of my childhood. nOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Shhhhhhh! Thank you, Damian. Look, it's not all bad! Chantotchi is a personal favourite of mine! So are the others! ...True. Okay, okay, lemme clear some things up. I think Lilacs' been soaking up all the attention on this blog! Wha-? Yeah! We want more space to write things, Cass! Aw, okay. Sorry guys. It's fine. Why don't we all go play some soccer? *a few minutes of setting up later.........* I can't play soccer! Well, we're outside now, so at least we can shout. Heck yeah! Soccer in the dark! I can't seeeeeee! Damian, to you! I got it, I got it! Damian, that's a raccoon you kicked! Hey, watch out! Don't bump into me! S-Sorry!! Wait, who's the goalie?! I kicked a goal!! *sounds of glass shattering* You just broke a window, Damian! Oh-my-gosh!! Everyone ruuuuun!! Uh-oh. Hey, Lilac seems a little less confident than usual... Yeah, it's because I'm a part of the smart family noooow!! Oh yeah. Okay, uh, we just need to find which house we kicked the ball into... Wait a second... that's our house! And that means........ *distant sounds of Erina screeching* Oh no. We're gonna cut off here, please hope for our safety- I'm going to kill all of you! Lilac! Channel your inner fighting spirit from your teen years!! I... I can't!! Waaaaaaah! She's channeling her toddler years instead! Everybody hide! Graaaaaaaaah- Okay, that's all for now- ERINA NO
  13. Aaaaaay Syrie's back! Himespetchis' one of my favorite tamagotchis, cool to see she's returned. Aww, Nico looks adorable! You and Fridge are the best foster parents(?) ever. Also RIP door, u were a good door and no door could ever match ur skills of being a door and- Seriously tho, this is a really enjoyable blog and I laugh every time I read it. Can't wait to see more!