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  1. @NotBart Not to worry, I ran out of time to edit the first post. I think it was the hosting website I was using! ;A;
  2. John evolved! Well, he evolved last night, but still. He evolved into Batabatatchi: Pictured: John flying around, having the time of his life. Now he can play air guitar. What an inspiration. Pictured: John playing a round of Flag. He lost straight after I took the photo. I was surprised when I saw this game as an option on the V3 - for years I thought it debuted on the V4! It also plays just a bit different (timing is slower iirc). Still a fun time. Pictured: Stats. Not too much to post about today. I still wish Tamatown was open (at least, a complete version of it), I would've loved to see the V3 experience! I wonder if it was any different from the V4's portal. That, and there's just something missing on this device, y'know? Besides the games and characters, it's almost identical to the V2 -- it's selling point was Tamatown (in the west, anyway). I just hope whoever owned this version before me managed to play it in time. I'm thinking of introducing a new tama to the blog, but at the same time it's called a V3 log for a reason. Also, running one at a time is easier on my part at the time of writing this, haha! See you all soon.
  3. Yay! :DDD I'm glad I found something more reliable. A warning: do not use Google Photos if you want your dreams to be crushed. Next post hopefully coming in a few hours! >w<
  4. @Penguin-keeper Darn! I'm trying a new image source, I can't edit the first post but I'm testing the second post + my signature as we speak. Please tell me asap if they're broken or not! ;w; understandable though haha! You all probably thought I was insane with the long, ranging sentences that were meant to be present under my photos. XD EDIT: I tested viewing this log on other internet browsers - Internet Explorer refuses to show anything, I'm not too sure about Chrome as I stopped using that ages ago, and Firefox also refuses to show them. I use Opera for reference, so that seems to be the problem.
  5. Welcome back! It's a new day today, and with a new day comes new photos to show off! Pictured: John livin' the Tamagotchi life. Here's a photo of John as a Tamatchi, as promised. I've tried to keep him in healthy spirits (though I accidentally gave him a time-out before thinking he wasn't starving, oops ). Sorry John. I went on a virtual shopping spree earlier, so he had a ton of items to play with. Pictured: John discovering his family's legacy in the form of digging up a sack of Gotchi Points. First off was the shovel! Digging it into his... bedroom floor (because Bandai hates scene dressing??), he discovered a bag of money! How exciting. Pictured: John's happiness quickly disappearing. How cheap was his family?! It was only 100 Gotchi Points, though. At least it wasn't 10? John didn't seem too enthusiastic either way. Pictured: John questioning the sanity of yours truly. So to cheer him up, I got out a treasure chest I found in my non-existent basement! Don't ask questions you aren't prepared to handle the answers to. Pictured: John experiencing the horrors of being old. Not pictured is my face when I saw this animation on my V6 for the first time. Spoilers: I was terrified. For some reason, the chest didn't really like John, and turned him into an oldie. A crass joke, but he didn't look at all like the real life guy I based him off of. He turned back into normal once I slapped the strange piece of... wood? Pixel? Anyway, I slapped the chest silly and John was back to his old (ha) self in no time. There's not too much else to say. I've been enjoying my time with the V3 though! The shell comes out really nice on camera - It's more of a dull shade of pink in person. The promo picture is a lavender shade for some reason, so you guys get the best view from here. I'll update later when John evolves!
  6. @NotBart Oh no! On my end the photos appear to be working, I'm not sure if your situation is universal or not. I'm sorry for the inconvenience! I'd have no idea how to help, I'm afraid. I just hope no-one else is experiencing the same problem.
  7. (or: 'We All Live in a Pink Version 3', to kick things off.) Welcome! Now, this may be the millionth log I've started over the course of (almost) seven years on this website, but I'm determined to keep this one running for as long as I can. A post every day would be nice, so I'll try and promise you that. Let's get started with a little backstory first: You see, I've been holding out for a V3 ever since I started collecting back in 2013. I grew up with a V4 and V5 years beforehand - I no longer had them before I started collecting as my precious V6 served as my reintroduction in '13 -, but there was always something about the V3 that attracted me to it. It felt nostalgic, even though I never grew up with it? Anyway, they're a bit scarce compared to your usual V1s and V2s, so it took me a few years until I was able to find a good deal (or cared enough to get one, I dropped Tamagotchis for a good year or so). I'd found a listing for $60 a few weeks prior from now, but someone else got to it first However, that seemingly worked out in my favor, because just last week, a listing for a V3 for $35 showed up out of absolutely nowhere! And there were quite a few watchers that were in the position I was just a few weeks prior. And so, riding an adrenaline-powered high, I made a cathartic decision -- and ruined many, many people's dreams that night. Pictured: A package labelled 'HANDLE WITH CARE', and a certain pink Tamagotchi wrapped in bubble-wrap. With a candy-themed V3 in tow, and a working battery(!) provided by the lovely store who sold me said tama, I quickly got to unwrapping it and getting it started... Pictured: A surprise guest...?! ...And imagine my surprise when the DOWNLOAD option was available, with a Tamagotchi that was still alive! An adorable little Masktchi named Lachy - belonging to his previous user, Blaze - was there to welcome me to the lovely little V3 he lived in. He was only on the first gen, and seemed to be neglected judging by who he evolved into, but he seemed quite chipper (his stats were full from where the 'gotchi was last left off) despite his circumstances. I even messed with the clock to see if I could get him married, but I guess he was too young. So, grabbing a pen, I bid our lovely guest the best of luck, and started a new egg... Pictured: The hatching of a new friend to raise! ...And it's a boy! Because I've recently been enlightened to a famous band I've ignored all of these years (and may or may not have named this blog after a song of theirs :3), I named him John. I wonder if he can play guitar? Pictured: Playing Get♪ for the first time! I didn't get many other pictures, but I did snap a picture of history in the making. Get♪ is harder than I thought, but it's also much more enjoyable than most of the built-in games on the V4 (my childhood is down for the count). Bump still sucks though. Seriously I-- I just want to play a game and not get my tama's stats involved, please Bandai stop making your games interesting for once. Joking of course, I'm just terrible at bump. In an hour or so, John evolved into Tamatchi, which is to be expected for the first gen according to the growth chart I'm referencing here. I'd love to get either Violetchi or Pyonkotchi, but knowing my luck, I'll get Mametchi despite just raising one beforehand (depicted on my previous log). I adore the idea of having multiple characters in the same growth level, it keeps it interesting! I'd love to raise my V2 someday, every time I put a battery in I end up taking it out. It's the coolest-looking shell in my collection as well (transparent blue)! Why am I like this. XD I forgot to take a picture of John after he evolved, and right now he's currently asleep, so hopefully we will be able to witness best bowl-cut boi in action next post before he evolves into a teen. I wonder which one I'll get... So exciting! I'm so glad I got a V3 after all this time, the wait was definitely worth it. I'll sign off here for now. To finish, here's a song recommendation from The Beatles considering this post is full of them. I'll Be Back is criminally underrated.
  8. Hey! :D I was checking out Tamatown through your website link, unfortunately I'm met with a 502 Proxy error at both http://alexgtamagotchieu.tk and http://alexgtama.tk (the latter of which takes me to a website called Freenom World :<) -- I'm just wondering if they're dead links or if there's something going on with the webpage, haha! 

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      Can confirm, it works again! Thanks so much! ^_^

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      Alex Grigoriou

      @Tamacass It was the least I could do! 

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      Yay! Thanks so much! ( i just wanted to play even tho i don't even have a connection)

  9. Check it out! A typical Tamagotchi log! The previous night or two was very exciting! The P2s evolved into... Zuccitchi. The both of them. I was too careless!! ;A; Because I don't even have the proper screwdriver on me, for now I just shoved their tabs back in (still can't believe JPW provided the used English tama with one, amazing store!) and watched as their screens slowly faded away. Zuccitchi is super needy and I unfortunately don't have the time to look after two of them (right now, anyway). Sorry, Pea and Plum. At least they've safely returned to Tamagotchi Planet! On a lighter note - Lucy evolved! And... ~・・*・・~ 𝕁𝕚𝕟𝕤𝕖𝕚/𝕍𝟜 ...She became Young Memetchi! Meaning she's got the Meme genes, meaning I can obtain Violetchi! Woop woop ...And then it took me ages to update the log was because my cheap, IKEA-brand CR2032 batteries - that I found still sealed in a drama class storage room no less - were unacceptable according to my V4, and it died twice from new batteries. And it was running on one just fine with Ziggy! What did IKEA ever do to you?! Pictured: Dead. I've got my V3 coming in tonight, so I'm probably gonna take Lucy's battery out as well. Age: 2, Toddler Gender: Girl (Young Memetchi) Weight: 25 Lbs. Gen: 2nd Discipline: 30% (three bars) Skill points: Intelligence: 11 Fashion: 17 Kindness: 19 Speaking of which, this logs' been pretty hectic to run. I have no idea how my younger self did it everyday (without photos and hand-drawn portraits, I'd imagine :P), so I'm probably gonna end this log here. Sorry guys! But I'm probably gonna start up another one tonight for the reason I mentioned before, without the drawn portraits and stuff (maybe very very small RP if I feel like it ). Just a more typical blog (i'm so sorry) if you know what I mean, haha! I can't promise daily updates, but at least the posts won't be super long and annoying to scroll through like this one. So!! To summarise: A Typical Tamagotchi Log is gonna end its run here, for now anyway. Keep your eyes peeled for an all new V3-themed log! It'll be my first time playing it, so I hope that you may join me there That is definitely all for now! -Tamacass (and foster children) FINAL EDIT - i screwed up and deleted the album containing the links to Pea and Plum's photos, and it's too late to re-add them to the posts XD here's the photos of them if you're coming back here to read and want visuals in place of a circle with a minus in it: Pea Plum