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    A whole lotta stuff! I like video games (Nintendo FTW!), drawing, and film-making + photography. :D

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    -Tamagotchi P2 White w/ Grey
    -Tamagotchi P2 Navy/Blue Spaceship (JP Series 2)
    -Tamagotchi V1 Lavender w/ Balls
    -Tamagotchi V2 Transparent Blue
    -Tamagotchi V3 Pink w/ Ice Cream
    -Tamagotchi V4 Beads Red
    -Tamagotchi V4 White Characters
    -Tamagotchi V4.5 Black Flare
    -Tamagotchi Familitchi V5 Tama House (x2)
    -Tamagotchi Music Star V6 Glam Rock
    -Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go Pink w/ 6 figures
    -Tamagotchi iD L Pink
    -Tamagotchi ID L Princess Spacey Edition
    -Tamagotchi P's Pink
    -Tamagotchi Friends Wild Hearts
    -Tamagotchi 4U White
    -Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Digital Friend Floral Gem
    -Tamagotchi m!x Spacey Edition Pink
    -Tamagotchi m!x 20th Anniversary Edition Pink
    -Tamagotchi Nano Pac-Man Edition Yellow

    -Tamagotchi Pocket Designer
    -Tamagotchi the Movie (lost)
    -Tamagotchi V4 Snow (lost)
    -Tamagotchi V4 Rainbow Plaid (Broken)
    -Snow Leopard OR Pink Sakura V4 from when I was little (Lost or thrown away)
    -Red Gemstone V5 from when I was little (Lost or thrown away)
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    V4, as it was my first ever Tamagotchi.
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    Too many too list!! But Nyatchi is my personal favourite right next to Chantotchi :D
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    -Tamagotchi Nano Pac-Man Edition Yellow

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  1. Finally raised a Pochitchi for the first time! It's on the Pac-Man Nano, which is pretty sweet. :lol:

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    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Mimitchi's so cute! Yes, there need to be more exposure for the vintage tamas and I'd love to see some of the other vintages, not just the originals, have some of their characters acknowledged. Wouldn't it be cool if they included some of the Morino tamas alongside everyone else? On one hand, keeping everybody separate does make them special with all of the version-exclusive charm, but it also makes them seem a little like they're non-canonical. I doubt the Hanerutchi characters are going to be acknowledged again since their versions were current. (I actually showed my Hanerutchi to my Japanese, ESL students and one of them knew of Haneru no Tobira, although it does seem quite popular so, go figure.)

    3. Tamacass


      Yeah, I feel the same way! Bandai's got such a large character pool with Tamagotchi, but they don't really want to add them as mainstays onto their newer 'gotchis (unless they're event-exclusive, like the ON?) - I do like how the Nanos are bringing back some obscure characters, even some Connection mainstays are beginning to fade into the background and that just makes me sad. u_u I'd love to see vintage-era Tamagotchis in the spotlight again, I adore the aesthetic of the 90's spin-offs (totally biased towards the Angel and Umi) - previous Anniversary editions for the colour Tamagotchis have done a good job presenting the mainstays of Tamagotchi history (the 20th m!x has the 90's laboratory, though only two vintage tamas are marriageable and none of them are Nyatchi smh, and also towns from the Akai and Uratama, which is awesome actually), but when it comes to the arguably more interesting versions it seems Bandai has either totally forgotten about them... or is planning something super secret. I'd love it to be the latter. XD

    4. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I really think some of the vintage characters could be incorporated with next to no nod to their origins since there are a fair bit of tamas that are literally tama-fied versions of things. Like how Youmotchi is literally a sheep, Nejirobotchi is a toy robot, Chouchoutchi is a butterfly, Guriritch is an acorn, and Jellitchi is a jellyfish. The bugs, angels, and ocean creatures of the vintages - and whatever tama-fied things are in other vintages - could easily be incorporated.

      I'm currently running an Anniversary M!X I can really appreciate all of the throwbacks since I have other tama eras. I also think my overall knowledge of tamas allows me to appreciate and understand both the minis and the nanos. I only have one nano and it's not a strictly Tamagotchi one, but I remember feeling so satisfied that it had a game since it made seems like a truly tiny Tamagotchi. Even if all we end up with is themed nanos, it's not a total letdown.