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  1. Hello folks! It's Jujie here with my tamas, Grey, Miku, and, the newest addition, Elizabeta, my tamagotchi p's! Say hello, Lizzy! Elizabeta:... Hi.... Miku: Awww! She's so shy and cute! *squeals* Grey: You're not wrong about that, sweetie. *smirks* Jujie: She's still just a toddler, so she's still learning the ropes! Elizabeta: *to Miku* Mommy! *hugs* Miku: Huh?! Elizabeta: *to Grey* Daddy! *hugs* Grey: What?! We're not- Jujie: *whispering* Um, she's not gonna take it well if you tell her you're not her parents. Why don't you consider... Adopting her? Miku: I've got no problem with that. Do you, Grey? Grey: If you're alright with it, then so am I! Jujie: Good! Now go talk to your daughter! Miku: *on knees* Hey Lizzy! We're gonna be your parents, alright? Elizabeta: *nods* Mommy! *hugs* Grey: Hey! Daddy wants a hug, too! Elizabeta: *Runs up to Grey* Daddy! *hugs* Jujie: Aww, what a cute family. - Well, time for me to go. I'll update as soon as I have the time. Until then, Ciao!
  2. Hey guys! Miku evolved into a Coffretchi and Grey's.... A shimashimashi! I fed them and played some games with them and- Miku: Ugh! Stop with your boring speeches, they make me sick! Grey: Little princess is an even bigger princess now that she's evolved into a prissy monster! Jujie: Hey, don't say that about her! Miku: Yeah, Grey, we all know the only reason you do this is because you secretly like me! Grey: What?! No. I- um... Jujie help me out here! Jujie: Sorry, Grey, but I know the truth, sadly, you can't marry her because- Grey: What? Because I'm a v6? I know that! I just wish that... it could be different. *crying* Miku: Oh Grey. I like you too. A lot! And I also wish it could be different too! But... It's just not possible! We can't connect! But... As soon as we move away to Tamagotchi Planet... I'll dump my husband for you. Grey: *sniffles* Really? You'd do that? For me? Miku: Of course! I love you more than I could possibly love anyone else! In fact, I dread the day I have to marry! Grey: I love you, too, Miku! I love you so very much! *hugs* Miku: *kisses* Jujie: Okay, I'm gonna cut out before this gets weird! - Well, I hoped you liked today's entry! I'll update very soon! Until then, Ciao!
  3. Hey, guys! Sorry for the long absence. To make up for it, here's some logging on my teenaged tamas Miku and Grey! Miku lives in a TF and is a Neotchi. Grey lives in a V6 and is a Kikitchi. Miku: Don't forget to mention my adorable personality *fluffs hair* Jujie: Yeah, it's not at all narcisistic or annoying! Miku: Hey, you were the one who named me after a Japanese pop star! *turns up nose* Grey: Hey, is Ms. Perfect being all high and mighty again? *groans* Miku: Hey, your personality isn't much of a breath of fresh, either! *rolls eyes* Jujie: Miku, there's nothing wrong with Grey being emo! Grey: I'm not emo! I just have a dark sense of humor! *pouts* Miku: Keep telling yourself that. Grey: Says the narcissist. Miku: Hey! Jujie: Guys! Stop fighting, please! Miku and Grey: *keep bickering* Jujie: *slams fists on table* Everyone shut up!! Miku and Grey: *Stop* Jujie? Jujie: "We've called this conference to solve the world's problems, not to fight about the problems of our past. And since I'm the only country who seems to know how to run a meeting, we'll follow my rules from here on out. Eight minutes each for speeches, no chit chat about side deals, and absolutely no going over the time limit. Now if you want to go, make sure you're prepared and raise your hand, but do so in a way that does not mock any salute of my country's past." Grey: Are you quoting Hetalia? Jujie: *mumbles to self* Grey: Well, looks like she finally lost it. Miku: "Hai, I agree." Grey: o_o Miku: ... What? It's a great show! - Well. I hope you liked it! I'll update when they evolve! Until then, Ciao!
  4. Ok! My lil' baby's not with us anymore, but I think I might change this into a log for all my tamas!
  5. Ur amazing! Hetalia rules! Do u kno of the YouTuber Kyokoon?

  6. Useless Italy- Hetalia (Japanese) (Sorry, I just had to do it! )
  7. Oh my god... I'm crying... what could have possibly inspired this wonderful, yet so depressing, poem? :'(
  8. Yo! I'm back after the longest break in the history of breaks! I decided to come back when I found out the Tamagotchi Friends just came out in the US! *squeals* Anyways, I'm back, and better than ever!

  9. When my lovely little aokumotchi woke up, he was a bit peckish and very grumpy. I fed him and played some more Jumprope with him as to make sure I attended to his ev'ry need. He then proceeded to crap on the floor twice, leaving me more messes to clean up. Apkumotchi then fell gravely ill. I rushed him to the hospital immediately, and was relieved when they told me he would be alright. Anyways, that's all for now. I'll leave you a picture of my little angel as a parting gift to you all! Tah-tah!
  10. Hello and welcome to my little corner of the TamaTalk library! Here, you will be witnessing me care for a Tamagotchi P's (sorry for such a formal intro, I'm just goofy like that. Anyways, let's just get into this.)! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I was sent a little egg from Tamagotchi planet. Out of it hatched my baby boy aokumotchi! First I fed him some rice I happened to have lying in the fridge. Then I played Jumprope with him. He was great at it! My baby got a perfect score (I'm not going to have pictures for this first entry. Sorry!) I then caught my aokumotchi trying to crap on the rug. I quickly rushed him to the bathroom as to prevent the mess he was about to make. This happened four more times! On the fourth occurrence, I wasn't wuick enough, and, to my dismay, had to clean Tama crap off my new rug. After what felt like hours of having to watch over this adorable, yet oh so annoying alien pet, he finally fell asleep. I carefully tucked him into his crib, as not to wake him, and left him to nap so I could finally get some peace and quiet. I'll update you all as soon as he wakes up!
  11. Hey guys I just go back from vacay sorry for my absence I'm starting a new Tama log soon! ^_^

  12. My Tamagotchi p's came in the mail today. I freakin' love it! It's my new favorite Tama!

    1. Princess Lovelitchi

      Princess Lovelitchi

      Congrats! I love the P's too! :)

    2. derekq


      Awesome! The waiting game sure is boring but when you get it you will think it is worth it.

      I have a blue p's and I love it very badly, I love the characters and the features just not the design (I mean I am a boy)

  13. My Tamagotchi p's shipped! @ six flags! Woo hoo!

    1. derekq


      Awesome glad you will have fun with it!

  14. I was wondering... When it says "not shipped" on eBay, does that mean they haven't sent it yet or that it hasn't arrived yet??

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    2. SailorRosette
    3. ISmileBecauseImStrange


      Depends when you ordered it in the day and how busy they are, they'd have to box it up and get it ready, might have had multiple orders to do, so you bought it late night thursday, they packaged it up on Friday n just havent got to shipping it yet, or they have, but havent updated it for you. Just be patient, people would rather have positive reviews and will work to resolve the issues.


      My IDL e, took 10 days to tell me it was shipped and it took just under a month to arrive :)

    4. jujiesings


      That makes me feel a lot better.... So, did you order your id l from your home country??