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  1. 24th September 2014. Just finished another long stint of working and thus I struggle to make it through even one generation on my tamagotchi. Still got Cosmotchi, not sure with all the taking batteries out and resuming gameplay actually when he's going to change. But anyway; I'm getting really into my colour screen tamas. Still waiting for HLJ to get the 4u's back on order and I think I'm going to get te pink and white. For now anyway. Get the others later. But anyway, my order came. And it's like new! I'm so happy with it. Just need to put some batteries in the thing and see if it actually runs okay!
  2. I swear I have moments like tonight where I absolutely love just sitting and looking at my collection, and then I have moments where I feel like I need to sell it all and just admire other people's from a far. I very rarely touch my collection to play these days. And even more so my vintages. I have a box full of them and I actually feel bad for not playing with them, but then I know that as soon as I get rid of them all I'll want them back again. Currently swaying more towards the English colour screens. And now that the p's are slowly getting patched I'm leaning towards them as a go-to when I feel like running a tamagotchi due to its work/school feature. Swear I feel like I'm neglecting my vintages completely!
  3. Still off work. So still managin to play and log, need next week to hurry up. Waiting on HLJ to get more tamahotchi 4u in stock so I can order some!
  4. Since I did the last english patch update I noticed that after you pick someone at the date place, it skips the romance and the dating and goes straight into a scene where my character was playing with Her new baby boy. It's cute but I just wondered if that was part of the update? Never seen it before!
  5. Booted up my tamagotchi p's today, don't know how long this will last, what with work and grown up life things getting in the way of my tama mum responsibilities. But felt like making a log again! Installed the third English patch today. Not quite sure what's changed on it, I just wanted it to be up to date!
  6. I made a whole topic about it. My first one was exactly the same. I wouldn't recommend anyone buying one new for the RRP.
  7. Definitely tamago! Apart from the size there's more to do on it and the gameplay is more predictable as in care misses give you a bad character rather than just being seemingly random like the TF the only thing I do like about the TF is the new bigger sprites.
  8. iPhone 5 is mine be lost without it ahah just shame the chat room on here doesn't seem to work either on the app or on safari
  9. so determined to build my colour screen collection, my poor bank.

    1. Camoth


      I feel your pain. I just ordered the P's...

    2. xGalaxyCandyx


      I wish I could afford to get all of them too :(

  10. new collection page

  11. chat hates my phone so if i turn up and don't say anything thats why :(

  12. All things considered I wouldn't advise anyone to pay the RRP for these things but I can imagine especially in a few months all the people that bought them for nostalgia and got bored will be putting them on eBay. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for them. Seen a few go for £15 isn preowned but I think I'm still going to wait for the prices to go down more. The bad quality could be a good thing for those not too bothered about condition because if the paintwork comes off as easy as people are saying it means they could possibly be going for cheaper on eBay later on well that's what I'm hoping for! Lol. And I know what people are saying about tamagotchis being a taboo subject. I always feel awkward getting mine out in public sucks really. I'm 22 now.