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  1. Skygryph

    Petz 5

    Petz 5 is one of my favorite games! The base game itself is great, but the hex breeds are what have kept me interested all these years. All the hex breeds are amazing...though it looks like many of the big sites went down in the last year or so. Still, it's so much fun breeding all the hexies together and seeing what strange combos they make. I had some Ammit/Gryphon hyrids that were my favorites for a long time. Anyway, I'd love to adopt a Himalayan, if possible!
  2. Skygryph

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Waiting on my ID L Anniversary! I always wanted one, so I'm hyped for it. <3 Also holding out for an Aikatsu Dream Academy pierce, but that won't be coming for at least a month, most likely.
  3. Skygryph

    Tamagotchi into freezer

    ^ I second what Bunbutchi said. At this point, taking it apart and cleaning the contacts gently is probably your best option. If that doesn't work, then unfortunately, I don't think there's much else to be done. But I hope it works for you!
  4. Awesome, good to know it is accurate after all. Thank you!
  5. Skygryph

    Any games you're excited to be released?

    Definitely looking forward to the new Fire Emblem, and also Splatoon 2 coming out sometime this year. I was also excited for Persona 5, but that finally came out. Just bought it and need to start playing.
  6. I've used them multiples times (actually, my P's just came from them), and yes, they're definitely reliable. They've always shipped quickly (with a tracking number, in my experience), their items are well-packaged, and everything I've received from them has been in whatever condition was stated. Plus, their communication is great. I've contacted them in the past to ask questions about items, and they would get back to me quickly. I'd definitely recommend them.
  7. Skygryph

    Tamagotchi into freezer

    That's a good question. I would say its chances of surviving are lowered since it has been turned on/left on, but it still does have a chance (I've had damaged electronics that were left on like yours for a while, and some of them did end up working properly anyway after they were placed in front of a fan). It's still worth trying to save it. Let me know how it goes, and best of luck!
  8. Skygryph

    Ridiculous Ways to Carry Tamas

    Back when I was younger and in school, I remember quickly stowing one of my Connections in the side of my socks (they were the high-ankle socks, so there was plenty of room). I don't remember exactly *why* I did it, but considering we weren't supposed to have Tamagotchis at school by that point, I'm pretty sure it was a way of hiding it from the teacher... ^^; I can't think of any other weird ways I've carried them, though. It's normally just a pouch or purse nowadays.
  9. Skygryph

    Tamagotchi into freezer

    I'd recommend taking out the batteries and letting it naturally warm back up to room temperature, with the back cover off. Once it's reached room temperature again, try placing it up against a fan (again, with the back cover off and batteries removed), in case water has built up inside from being frozen and "thawing." During this time, don't turn it on at all in case there is moisture inside. I'd suggest keeping it in front of the fan and turned off for at least 24 hours, if not 48 hours. You may also want to flip the Tamagotchi every several hours. Alternatively, you could also try placing the Tamagotchi in rice to absorb the moisture, instead of in front of a fan (I'd recommend keeping the back cover on for this so you don't get rice inside...), but personally, this method has never worked as well for me as simply using a fan. Hopefully this helps! I've had similar occurrences in the past, along with water damage, and this will usually fix it up.
  10. I was hoping someone here could help me nail down the main differences between the regular Aikatsu pierce and the Aikatsu Dream Academy version. I found these two pamphlets here: Aikatsu Aikatsu Dream Academy I also found a video of the Dream Academy one, but it's in a language I don't speak (and it doesn't show too much, from what I gathered). Based on the pamphlets, it looks like the Dream Academy pierce has different characters and a different artstyle as well (characters seem crisper), but I don't know how accurate that actually is. Does anyone happen to know what exactly is different between these two pierces? And if you happen to have both, which one do you prefer? Thank you! EDIT: Dream Academy version was showing up as super small, for some reason, so uploaded it to Photobucket instead.
  11. Also in the US. I do a ton of international shopping, including Tamagotchis, and there has never been a time I've had to pay for custom fees. If you're not in the US, I'm unsure, but if you are, I highly doubt you'll have a problem.
  12. I've had that happen multiple times with items in general; it's possible the seller wrote down the city incorrectly, but more likely it was the post office's mistake. Some packages must just end up on the wrong truck for the day. When this has happened to me, it usually rights itself in a few days, and the package will end up as usual at my door/mailbox (with the correct address written on it, making it clear it was the post office's fault). Give it a few days, and if there's still nothing, I'd recommend contacting the seller again and also reaching out to your local post office. But I wouldn't worry too much right now until more time has passed (though it is frustrating and nerve-wracking! Hate when that happens).
  13. Skygryph

    Any Tamas you waiting for?

    Just ordered a blue P's the other day!
  14. Skygryph

    Intresting Tamagotchi Fake!

    Yeah, it did seem more advanced...there was another icon that allowed my character to type on a computer (almost like it was working), and then afterward, the letter icon lit up, and I received some money. It was actually kind of neat, since I wasn't expecting it. I said "did", though, because this one completely died, too. Exact same thing happened from before: It started self-resetting, and eventually the screen just died. I'm a bit sad about it, because it was pretty interesting. Unless you're willing to buy a bunch of these, it's probably not worth it. The quality control is terrible even by fake standards.
  15. Skygryph

    "Elf" pet on Aliexpress?

    Thank you both! I'll be buying one of these later, then. :3