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  1. Still no TamaChat? sigh .-.

    1. cynthiashton


      aw all hope is lost

  2. i started a fairy tail rp :| what have i done

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      You have started a Fairy Tail RP, that's what you've done.

    2. tamatown123


      ^ Just what I was going to say.

    3. The Ultimate Doomer

      The Ultimate Doomer

      You started a fairy tail rp.

  3. I think something colored but a little easier to carry with more games and career/work ?? hhehehehehehe
  4. IT'S GREAT STUFF OK IM CRYING go on go on woo ok
  5. It's been a while since we've had new tamagotchis rolling in, no? Hopefully they make new ones. If they do, what kind of features do you think should be added? Vintage or colored? bigger or smaller? what kind of activities or work? Do you think a new TamaTown should be made (though that's quite impossible huhu)? Tell me your thoughts :> x
  6. If you read manga, this must be one of the best ones out there. For me, anyway. Can I have a survey on who's hot an who's not? (JELLAL FTW)
  7. well whaddaya kno I did fail the test ._.

  8. I want an Entama T.T

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    2. cynthiashton


      yeah? what do u think's best then?

    3. SupahCow090


      they're fun m'kay bye.

    4. cynthiashton


      Hehehehehehehehe it actually depends on who's playing

  9. Bad news: I'm failing math and I don't have v2 batteries

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    2. cynthiashton


      u see the tEST WAS SO HARD i barely had time to finish it :(

    3. SupahCow090


      I didn't even finish mine >.<

    4. cynthiashton


      hahaha omg same

  10. Math test tomorrow and it's my worst subject help

    1. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      Aww. I hate math too.

      Review the steps for your hardest math problems. Similar ones will come up on your test. Good luck! <3

    2. cynthiashton


      huhu i kinda really sorta DID NOT FEEL LIKE I WAS GOING TO PASS oh mann

  11. I have bought ze batteries ~ but my dad only bought one :

    1. cynthiashton


      aw haha das okay

      but is it the right size tho uhm

  12. hey uhm the batteries were kinda thinner than what I needed?? is it possibly going to work at all uhm

    1. SupahCow090


      Yeah like what I said, just slide a small piece of paper in between the battery and the cover so the batteries won't move and it'll work ^_^

    2. cynthiashton


      it's still not workinggg~ yeah im definitely doing this wrong wey hey