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  1. I like the fire and the water. I only got the last grass one last time but it was current than the other. i go by what they look like
  2. Oh ok ill try this as well I noticed that they dont have the levels like for being good or bad that you would get in the older versions because i have music star.
  3. Oh ok age does it on her own so I dont notice this helped a lot though. Thanks
  4. Ok I thought it was the instrument her stress level went down but is was 44 felt bad I don't know how it gets so high so quick
  5. She listens to her boombox and looks stressed or mad. Does she not like this instrument or what's wrong.
  6. Most people only got one phone and maybe a house phone. I have android wildfire
  7. I wonder what the other legiondary mega pojemon are like i bet they are so bad.
  8. I remember my tama doing somthing crazy like that too. But i didn't know what it was mine was like v2 but this wad after it was debugged so not sure.
  9. I have never seen that happen before. I am not sure if the pixels were off of it when it was moving it was probably a glitch but not sure.
  10. Mine is hatched but waiting for parents to leave probably tomo :/ they had her yesterday
  11. I think two weeks. Third generation now. I like your cover though sorry for two posts. I want a tamago so bad becauss of the cover changing. Malfoy Edit: FINAL WARNING: Please edit your posts and avoid consecutive posting. Again. There is an EDIT button below your post. Use it instead.
  12. Yea they can leak if somthing breaks them then they are not good. I always throw mine out to what's the point of having them. they do not work.
  13. Mine goes faint somtimes too Like the contrast on it. I had to adjust the contrast but when i changed the buttons on it then it was too dark to see. It can get complicated with what electronics do.