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  1. It's my birthday!! How is everyone on tamatalk?

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Happy birthday! I'm good, hope you have a great day :)

    2. cmarie


      Happy Birthday! I'm a July baby too :)

  2. It's my birthday!

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    2. milkgotchi


      Happy birthdayy! Hope you have a good one :-)

    3. Miiku


      Happy Birthday!

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      Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. What Tama should I bring to my trip to Quebec in a few days? I have a v1, v2, v3, v4 and a v6 oh and a tama go.
  4. Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've been on, hope you're all doing well!

  5. Akbar was a male tamagotchi on my V4, he passed away last night here's a picture of him, he was 18 years old when he died, I think he was an androidtchi? I'm not sure correct me if I'm wrong. Akbar was a friend, a brother, he was always there for me in my darkest times he made me feel happy on the inside, Akbar made me a better person, he was a part of me just as I was a part of him, we understood each other,MIT was a relationship like no other and I can't believe he's gone, be free Akbar, fly with the birds in tama heaven, you have been released from your old tama body and you're in heaven looking down with your robot eyes watching over me every second of the day and you look over me and keep me safe at night. This is my final good-bye Akbar ;(
  6. So I bought what I thought was a baby blue tamagotchi, but it turned out to be a white one and the background is hearts!! Is there anyway to take apart my tama and remove the background? I dislike it a lot, please help
  7. There's nothing wrong with it, even if you don't download millions of people listen to songs for free on iTunes
  8. I've been looking for a baby blue Tamagotchi V1 and I finally found one! It's brand new in the package and will be here next week! I'm pumped!
  9. I bought a brand new v6 with the tamagotchi movie and 3 figures for 20$ on ebay! That's pretty cheap and it rly depends if your brother wants a brand new one or not
  10. I'd like to be on the tamagotchi connection v3 because of all the fun games, I'd be a four armed character with one big eye, don't know what I'd call that character though.
  11. Well I know how to get perfect care characters and horrible care ones, but how do you get average care one, above average and below average? Does it depend on all your care misses?