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  1. forgot to leave tip, aaaaaargh

    1. Box


      agonizing over us forgetting to leave a tip

  2. "lol, life is so hard when your friends are 9.5s while you're a strong 4 with the right filter and lighting"
  3. what is even

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    2. haileymametchi
    3. Box


      y do girls travel in threes well ill tell u its because they cant even


    4. tamastar133


      Makes purrrfect sense

  4. Assuming you're in middle school, high school, or post-secondary education, what's on your schedule this semester?
  5. "If you do not name your baby before you leave the hospital, you must request a 'Supplemental Name Report' form from the Department of Public Health. When you have chosen a name, complete the form and send it directly to the Birth Registry. If you submit the form within one year following birth, there is no charge. If you wait more than one year, the Birth Registry will charge you a fee."
  6. if it were just for one day, being deaf would be boring! Blindness sounds fun, in that case.
  7. shampoo for my real friends and poo for my sham friends

  8. been pretty weird because oh whatever it'll end next week anyway

  9. some rigid village hierarchy people from outside the area were conducting social experiments inside because time conveniently passed more slowly out than in
  10. is afk something you can say while texting