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    Tamagotchis(why else would I be here? :P), writing fanfiction(MysteryMoonbeam on if you wanna read ;D), video games(Animal Crossing and Sims are a couple faves of mine).

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  1. Finally got AC:NL! Yay! :D

  2. Frodo and Luigi both evolved! Luigi became... ...Ichigotchi! My fave teen! :3 - Yeah, I'm the favourite! And Frodo is now a... ...Mohitamatchi, for the third time in a row on my V3! I must be doing something to cause all these Mohitamatchis. :-P Emerald got sick today, and I have no idea why... he's not going to evolve again. I'm worried that this might mean he's near the end of his life... my poor little Emmy. :,( Infinity got another chance to achieve pro debut today. Did they make it? - That third judge is so stubborn! Maybe next time. Stats! Name: Felix Age: 3 Generation: 5 Weight: 35 lb Instrument: Keyboard Music genre: Asian Star ranking: None Tone: 766 Rhythm: 737 Original: 999 Name: Frodo Age: 0 Generation: 3 Weight: 17 lb Training: 4 Name: Luigi Age: 1 Generation: 4 Weight: 18 lb Training: 4 Name: Emerald Age: 9 Weight: 30 oz Discipline: 11
  3. Yeah, that's probably why. I turned the sound off for a while but when I turned it on again a few hours later the sound was perfectly normal. I'm just glad it's not broken. Thanks!
  4. My P1 is making some pretty weird sounds. It was perfectly fine when I went to sleep last night, but when I woke up this morning it was making some pretty horrible noises. Just beeping is fine, like when I press a button, but when I play a game or discipline him the sound it makes is sort of a squealing noise. This just happened seemingly overnight! What's going on? Should I reset it? D:
  5. Felix woke me up at 4:30 in the morning evolving into... ...Mametchi! And this time I wasn't even trying to get Mametchi. :-P The next time Infinity met, Penny evolved into Masktchi and Veronica evolved into Maidtchi. They also got to perform in front of the judges! Unfortunately, the third judge didn't like their music very much. - Guess we'll have to keep practicing! As expected, Finn left last night, leaving me to look after little Frodo. I don't like the first V3 game very much, so he's a little chubby right now. I'll play games a lot when he evolves. :-P Luigi also evolved! XP He is now a... ...Kinakomotchi! :3 - Yay! I like being a... blob... thing. And now for stats. Name: Felix Age: 2 Generation: 5 Weight: 32 lb Instrument: Keyboard Music genre: R&B Star ranking: None Tone: 574 Rhythm: 506 Original: 774 Name: Frodo Age: 0 Generation: 3 Weight: 19 lb Training: 0 Name: Luigi Age: 1 Generation: 4 Weight: 16 lb Training: 0 Name: Emerald Age: 8 Weight: 31 oz Discipline: 7
  6. Thank you, my wonderful Tamagotchi, for waking me up at 4:30 in the morning. ._.

  7. Emerald evolved! My first P1 adult is... ...Ginjirotchi! The discipline bar depleted but I wasn't given an opportunity to refill it, which is probably why I didn't get Mametchi. But Ginjirotchi is awesome too. :3 - Don't you mean awesomesauce? Lila left last night. D: I present to you, Luigi! XD Hmm... he's missing something. That's better! :3 Finn is gonna leave tonight. I'll miss him. ;-; And... that's pretty much all for today. Now for stats! :3 Name: Felix Age: 2 Generation: 5 Weight: 22 lb Instrument: Keyboard Music genre: R&B Star ranking: None Tone: 458 Rhythm: 402 Original: 562 Name: Finn Age: 7 Generation: 2 Weight: 37 lb Training: 9(full) Name: Luigi Age: 0 Generation: 4 Weight: 7 lb Training: 0 Name: Emerald Age: 7 Weight: 30 oz Discipline: 7
  8. When the adult leaves the baby and you start a new generation, you get to keep your items. But if the tama dies(or you reset the tama) then you lose all your items.
  9. Page 2 already? Awesome! *celebrates* :3 Finn married Tama today! We were hoping for girls, but we got boys. Oh well. We decided to call them Frodo and Sam. Finn's baby is Frodo. :3 - One Tamagotchi to rule them all. - *facepalm* After suggesting names like Tom and Jerry, Bugs and Daffy, and Pinky and the Brain, my friend seems firmly stuck on Mario and Luigi for Lila and Jake's baby boys. Lila has Luigi. :-P - I like Fish and Chips, but nobody would want to call their baby Fish. - *cough*tamagotchiocean*cough* Luigi got sick today. Of course, it only took a little medicine to heal him. I don't think I'm gonna be able to log about a tama called Luigi with a straight face. X) Felix evolved! He is now a... ...Kikitchi! Again! :3 And since he's a teen now, he got to form a band at music school! He met an Ichigotchi called Penny who plays the guitar(don't ask me how XD) and a Chamametchi called Veronica who sings. Together they are Infinity! :3 Time for stats! Name: Felix Age: 1 Generation: 5 Weight: 22 lb Instrument: Keyboard Music genre: Rock Star ranking: None Tone: 324 Rhythm: 295 Original: 336 Name: Finn Age: 6 Generation: 2 Weight: 34 lb Training: 9(full) Name: Lila Age: 6 Generation: 3 Weight: 32 lb Training: 9(full) Name: Emerald Age: 6 Weight: 20 oz Discipline: 14(full)
  10. Lila married Jake today! Now they have two cute little boys. :3 Here's Lila with one of them. We still haven't decided on a name, but we're considering names from video games, like Mario and Luigi or Sonic and Tails. :-P My friend also has a V1 Tamagotchi called... wait for it... Tama. :3 She's a Mametchi and we plan for her and Finn to marry! - Her name is Tama? How original. Emerald got sick again today, but only because he's going to evolve soon. I've got my fingers crossed for Mametchi. :3 - It's not fair, why am I the only one who gets sick before evolving? - Um... because... it makes you unique? And Felix evolved into... ...Kuchitamatchi! Again! :3 - That's because you forgot about me after I took a nap. Still, at least have this cool beak! Which means Ms Frill came to see him shortly afterwards. She gave him a camera. :3 (Sorry this pic stinks. XP) Stats! Name: Felix Age: 0 Generation: 5 Weight: 15 lb Instrument: Keyboard Music genre: R&B Star ranking: None Tone: 282 Rhythm: 259 Original: 306 Name: Finn Age: 5 Generation: 2 Weight: 32 lb Training: 9(full) Name: Lila Age: 5 Generation: 3 Weight: 31 lb Training: 9(full) Name: Emerald Age: 5 Weight: 21 oz Discipline: 14(full)