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  1. Thanks Myiko, I never had a chance Well thanks for the responses to those of you who contributed to the discussion... looks like I'll just have to pay 20 bucks a pierce. Oh well. I'll buy 'em all eventually.
  2. Title says it all. I guess I can elaborate a bit though. Ebay and Amazon both offer pierces at around $20, which I think is kinda crazy considering I got my tamagotchi p for only a little bit more than that, AND it was the Dream Coffret edition, so it was a tama + pierce. Hard to believe that a pierce alone costs over half of that, y'know ; A; So I was wondering if there are maybe some stores I don't know about that can offer these pierces at a more reasonable price. I live in the US so buying them retail is clearly not an option... If anything, some discussion/answers as to why pierces are so expensive now would be nice. My memory is not too crystal-clear, but I don't recall these pierces costing anything near $20 when the Tama P's first came out. Weren't they somewhere closer to half of that? Thanks in advance
  3. Actually this is pretty awesome, because the Berry Sweets pierce was the first extra pierce I wanted to buy anyway. Yay! Thanks for your answers.
  4. I recently bought a Tamagotchi P's, Dream Coffret edition. I'm getting used to using it and all that, and I'm trying to make a bit of money to finish refurbishing every room I can. So far I bought a 5000 gotchi points (I think that's what the money in the game is called?) wallpaper for my living room, and would like to buy the rest So far I've been getting money by playing the minigames, and I've noticed that sometimes when my Tama is walking around outside I get a paper that allows me to get double the money from the games. Does this happen once a day or at certain times or something? (Extra question, sorry ) Anyway, back to the topic... What's the fastest/easiest way to earn money in this version? Will there be more ways soon? My Tama is in its third stage of growth at the moment, so I still have lots to unlock. Answers are very much appreciated, feel free to give tips and the like, I don't mind super-long answers :3
  5. If you're purchasing from eBay you have nothing to worry about. You can start a case in the resolution center the day before the deadline ends and it's almost guaranteed you'll get a refund. But there's not really a lot to worry about here. Tracking numbers usually don't update until they reach their designated country. For example, I'll buy something from China and it'll say "Sorted at China something-something," then "Dispatched from ChinaMail something-something." And then I wait 2-3 weeks until it suddenly says "Arrived in Los Angeles USPS Sorting blahblah something." So don't worry. Tracking numbers work kind of strangely sometimes. My guess is that they don't update it when traveling overseas until it reaches ground once again. Additionally, sometimes they don't work at all. Kind of sucks not being to track its progress, but nothing to worry about. Again, if you're buying through eBay, you won't get ripped off. They care a lot about their buyers. The only negative is that you would have wasted your time, but I'm fairly certain you'll be alright and you'll get your Tama in. Edit: Topic locked at request of topic starter