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  1. U need mass e-mail come back? :(

  2. Noodles and yes I'm bothering inactive members seems to be a thing now ouo

  3. Hmm.. There are a few. First Google (Its my homepage) Then TamaTalk Then YouTube Then Telyads (I like to watch adverts. I know its kind of silly but I like to do it anyway.) Then EBay Then Club Penguin/Webkinz Then Pokemon Then this cool Japanese website witch has a lot of channels to watch Then it varies. I also check TamaTalk daily throughout the day.
  4. I don't own all of these versions of tamagotchi but I have played them. (My friends used to own them and let me play on them. ) 1. Long Jump (Basically all of the tama go games) 2. Rock Paper Siscers 3. Left or right?
  5. That is a Webkinz! I sleep with lots of webkinz as well. I also sleep with my Pikachu and Tepig plush my bunny my duck collection (I love ducks and penguins) and a Mario and Yoshi toy. I swap them around every 4-6 months. Some of the other toys that I swap with them are my Sonic and Tails toys my chocolate bear my love bears my yellow bear lots of other rabbit plush Disney toys a seagull toy a lizard toy and my Build a bear Penguin and Dog. Also some plush cats. My toys are actually due for a switch around. I will do that now. I will also take some pictures too!
  6. I have a LOT of weird dreams. The 1 I had last night was that I was at a local restaurant with my brother sister in law and my parents. I had my tamagotchi with me and the hearts on the hungry and happy meters keep going down even though I kept feeding and playing with it. My Mom told me to eat my food when it came and I did. Then I was telling my brother that it was not working but my brother was not listening to me. My Dad asked me if I wanted to try some new Tamagotchi Angel Coke. I said OK. When I drank some it tasted the same as Vanilla Coke. Then I woke up.
  7. I would say "Its a me a Mario" and I would go to save the princess from Bowser. WIYWU and you were a Pikachu!
  8. Yay! Today my little Ash has evolved into a Kilalatchi! I hope that he turns into a Mametchi! Please Ash when you are older evolve into a Mametchi like a good boy OK? So anyway I had a weird dream last night that my Tama Go was broken and it kept losing all of his hearts on his stats! (except friendship. It was stuck on 1.) It was 1 of those dreams when you think it was real life so I was really scared when I woke up. I was also really sad. I grabbed my Tamagotchi and then after feeding and playing with Ash I realized that it was only a dream and I felt much better. I still kept it with me at all times and looked after it because I was scared of it happening in real life. Anyway the real life (Not in my dreams Ash is doing just fine. ) He is happy. Here is some pictures: A video: Stats: Weight: 28LBs (Oh no! All I done was fed him! Better go play some games with him now!) Hungry: Full! Happy: Full Train: 7 bars (He just used the toilet) Friendship: Full!
  9. I do watch it and LOVE the show but I don't collect the figures. (well saying that I do have a lizzerd 1. I am not sure if it is LPS brand or not.) I also watch MLP and have quite a few pony toys. Has anyone seen the Puppy in my Pocket Show? It is so cute! (I have a few of those figures as well. )
  10. I had a dream last night that my Tamagotchis hearts on the bars kept going down for no reason and I was drinking Tamagotchi angle Coke. (It kind of tasted like vanilla coke)

    1. Peasley


      Maybe he was sad that you were drinking his Coke?

    2. noodle-tchi


      Maybe! (I did buy the coke for me in the dream though. We were actually in a restaurant!)

  11. I would attempt to eat my self. WIYWU and you were the dream that you had last night?
  12. What are Blinkies may I ask? Are they some kind of robotic pet kind of thing?
  13. I don't think that they are creepy! They never wake me up. They sometimes wake up when I don't want them too. E.G. When I pick them up once I have played with them to put them back in their place. They never wake up if they are asleep and you don't touch them though. Unless they fall over. I don't hate Furbys. I love them. I have an original 1. (Although it broke when I dropped it. It was a grey color. I don't have it any more. ) A McDonald 1. (Same thing. Broke when I dropped it. It was also grey. I still have it though. ) 1 2005 "Hey Furby!" Edition. (Still working. It is actually probably my favorite Furby. I LOVE the voice recognition and that you can speak to it in both Furbish and English! I have the yellow and pink version.) Last but not least a 2012 reboot. (My 2nd Fave! I LOVE the app! So much fun! I have the white 1. The first wave version. It is SO FLUFFY and SO CUTE! I still have it. ) Order I like them in: 1. 2005 "Hey Furby!" 2. 2012 reeboot 3. McDonald Furby 4. Original Furby (I think it looks a little bit creepy. I dont remember it that much because I was only little. I still like it though! ) EDIT: Oh. I forgot too say something. I can actually speak fluent Furbish. (I have got too much free time on my hands I know) Not even my friend could speak fluent Furbish and she played with hers more than I played with mine! She did not believe me when I said so. I said to her Furby in Furbish "Kah May-may U-nye" (Me love you. There is no I in furbish so you use Kah for I but the translation means me.) The Furby shouted "Yaaaaayyyyyyyy!" and started to dance. My brother did not believe me either so I had to show him with my Furby too. Does anyone else here know Furbish?