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    I want to get a white/turquoise mothra and a white morino the most right now.
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  1. If you still have this problem, my school had a special battery disposal bin, you could ask in case they've got one too if you go to school. So do some supermarkets and general tech or electronic appliaces stores. If you can't find any, maybe people who work in these kind of stores may be able to help you more than us so you might want to ask them as well!
  2. Hi, by your profile I guess you mean Kunoitchi from the Music Star tama. She is a bad care character but she's cute, right? In this post you can see a growth chart for the Music Star: http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/158848-tamagotchi-music-star-growth-chart/. As for the waiting thing, I can't really help you since I've never owned one of those.
  3. Hi, thank you for your replies! I just changed the batteries to another brand, although the ones I was already using were the ones that came with the package and were also alkaline. I don't mix new batteries with old ones either. The display still lightly flickers sometimes but it's not as bad as before, kind of like the first day after I received it (it kept getting worse over a couple weeks). Let's see if it keeps behaving like this... I have never dropped it as I treat it with great care and it's been roughly two weeks only since I got it in the mail. Maybe it was bumped against something in its way to deliver, but I don't think it could have been that bad because it was pretty well-secured inside the package so I don't understand at all why this could have happened. If the problems appear again I might consider opening and repairing it, but since I don't really know how motherboards work if I can't find any tutorials on this I don't think I'll be able to fix anything by myself if I need to. Thanks!
  4. Hi! Thanks for replying! However, I didn't mean the screen turning off after the 30 seconds, I already knew that. The problem is that this happens when the screen is on and the tama is working. I've also got the brightest light setting and it's still dark and flickers, it's hard to see even in interiors. I know the screen is not working properly because I've seen it work correctly before. Remember the old gameboy color screens, for example? The screens showed the images but they emitted no light and thus were hard to see; that's what's happening to my tama. The problem seems to be the backscreen light. I'll try and replace the batteries with a different brand as soon as I get home, let's see if that helps!
  5. My p's screen goes black without the low battery warning appearing. You can still hear the sounds and play with it but it's very hard to see, like in old videogame consoles. Sometimes, with a light knock from behind the light seems to come up again, but it's usually not very long until it goes off or starts flickering. It seems like it could be a contact problem with the batteries (which are brand new). Does anyone know if there is a way to fix that? Maybe by messing around a bit with the battery slots or something? Thanks!