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    Music is life.
    Fashion is important to me (Especially clothing brands such as Aeropostale and Holister).
    Socializing with friends makes me feel good so I'm always texting.
    Video Games are essential for my sanity.
    Twitter is always fun.
    Although I've haven't been to many, Amusement parks are the best places in the world.
    I also write stories although they aren't really good.

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    To be determined very soon. >:D
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    Melodytchi, ChoMametchi, Mimitchi, Ura Mametchi, Chamametchi.
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    None, going to get ID L 15th soon.

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  1. So my American phone isn't "compatible" with the 4U app!? Why does Japan app makers hate me!? DX And then when someone does help us get the app they get shunned by Bandai Japan... the struggle is real.

    1. ciara683


      theres lots of devices tht are compatable. the nexus 7 gen 2 tabllet is compatable.

    2. The Frosted ChoMametchi
  2. Got my ID L 15th! it arrived early too! :3

    1. tabbytabtab


      Congrats! That tama is on my wishlist tbh.

    2. Awkwardo
    3. Flare.exe


      Yay! The 15th anniversary looks really fun.

  3. So the 4u touch spot thing only works for locations in Japan!? Omg the english speaking countries never get anything fun!! >:'(

    1. Myiko


      We get the Tamagotchi Friends dekatama's, but the only thing they do is give you jewelry so they are pretty useless, is a start though xD

  4. Ordered My ID L 15th. Thinking of ordering a 4U.

  5. Squidward is my best friend in the woorrrllllldd

  6. Omg, hold up a sec, DOES THIS MEAN WE R THE COOL KIDS NOW!? XD

    1. snowflake6


      Always have been.

    2. GotchiGuardian


      That, my friend, is called success. ;)

  7. Homework is so hard. Maybe I should start paying attention in class. XD

    1. derekq


      Oh well.... good luck

    2. Myiko


      Why would you pay attention, be hardcore BT

    3. x.Tori.x


      Something I struggle with every day. xD

  8. Anyone excited for the 4U as much as I am!? However why is there no teen stage? :' (

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      Actually they're adults, not teens, the adult stage is called friend stage since the iD, it's called friend stage on the 4U too, so, it's not a teen stage

    3. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      And the teen stage is called rebellion stage since the iD, and there's no stage called rebellion on the 4U

    4. The Frosted ChoMametchi

      The Frosted ChoMametchi

      Omg I like how the teen stage is called the rebellion stage. Teens are very rebellious. XD

  9. hiii my account won't revalidate but statuses and chat still work so hey

  10. South Park = Best show ever.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Iamtamagotchi


      Rick and Morty all the way

    3. Carol_tama


      lolno watch Family Guy

    4. SonicBlades


      South Park is great. Futurama is too.

  11. Did you know that the human mind can only be emotionally attached to a total of 10 to 12 people. That really got me thinking. The struggle is real.

    1. Kitt


      Where did you hear that? o.o

    2. TamAmore


      Always the same bullshit said by scientists

  12. What Next Gen. Video Game home console are you looking forward to or planning to buy or get? A PS4, Wii U, or an Xbox One? Tell me what console you want and why you want it. Also for the console of choosing tell what new or upcoming games you want to play. Remember to respect others opinions.