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    First of all, I'm an Anime freak who loves anime and manga things. Yet there's also a lot of things I like too. Like music, art, Tamagotchi, video games, and some others.

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    Still love MusicStar. :D
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    I love Chamametchi and UraVioletchi! :D
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    None, yet. Or not....

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  1. This topic sounds interesting! If I was a tamagotchi, I would have a look kind like Himespetchi, except her unique style which I don't. Anyways, I would have brown eyes instead, and let my long, scruffy hair on my back. I would wear purple/black glasses and some pins on my right bands. I would wear a furry zip-on sweater, because I like wearing them, and some brown suave boots. And that's how I would look but my personality would be different. I would just be more of a quiet and nice tama than just being unique. And I would love to have a pet that looks like a fuzzy duck if I was a familitchi version. :3 Plus I would be called Fukatchi since I like the word "Fuka".
  2. Waddles: I Pigged you! :03 Dipper: WADDLES! HEY! Mabel: Everybody! Get yourselves pigged!
  3. Bro Natural hair color or Color dyed hair color?
  4. Y! Now let's spell Bootybooty!