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  1. That's no problem WirbleWomble. I have opened the group hatch here:
  2. Since nobody responded I am going to post-pone this hatch until the 10th of June. This will give everyone more time and I did not realize that the 27th is Memorial day in America so the current hatch date might be inconvenient. Tama-thon June 10th June 11th June 12th
  3. It's that time of year again! Come one come all to the Tama-thon!!! This group hatch will take place on the following days next week. I think we have had about 15-20 tamagotchis running at once in the previous Tama-thons. It doesn't matter how many we can hatch just as long as it is fun for everyone! Please pick a date and tell us what you will be hatching. May 27th May 28th May 29th
  4. I hatched this one on Christmas Eve. I really wanted to hatch my Gudetama on Christmas Eve, but I was visiting relatives and left it at their place. Unfortunately, I will be late on hatching Gudetama.
  5. I find that fuzzy white fluff ball very annoying because he kept showing up and throwing snowballs at my Tama.
  6. OK, I lost my Gudetama Nano. I will hatch it when I find it though. Here is my M!x.
  7. I'm going to join with my Tamagotchi Mix and my Gudetama Nano. I'll probably hatch before Christmas. Things are too busy otherwise.
  8. Is anyone doing a Christmas or New Year group hatch this year???

  9. I just watched Dumplin on Netflix and I saw the new Robin Hood last week. I'm going to go see the new Aquaman movie when it comes out.
  10. I read all the time or at least try to read all the time. Hahaha. Right now I'm reading "East Lynne" by Ellen Wood. It's just one of the books in a stack that I want to read in December.
  11. I just got a gudetama Tamagotchi Micro! I also saw some re-makes of the original tamagotchi 1st and 2end generations. Sadly, I only had enough money for the gudetama one. There are just too many tamagotchis out their to have them all. 

  12. I am disappointed with the 4U, but I amliking the Mix

    1. Verklighet


      I fee the same, however, I’ve been ignoring my M!X. He’s six and needs a battery change.

  13. I'm waiting on two tamas to come in the mail. There is also one fake tama on the way, I bought it on purpose.

  14. Kiraritchi marred and had a Pinkubotchi. Shigurehimetchi went to the hot spring and watched a concert. ....and then she got married too. Finally, she had a Yurapatchi. Now, all I have left to update on are my Music Star, V4 and V 4.5
  15. Summer is a busy, but here is my final update for my V3! I'm going to give a final update for my IDL and Tama P next!
  16. Jade27

    I have an idea

    I would be interested in this group hatch. I like photography! It's a good idea. I agree, I like looking at tamagotchis in different backgrounds and settings too.
  17. I can't find all my content listed on my profile. I know I created other topics and posts but not all of them are showing up. For example, the 1st annual Tamathon and my V4 and V4.5 log

    1. Hapihapitchi


      I'm pretty sure there's a cap on that so you can't view every single thing you've created, only the latest and most recent.

  18. Yikes, there is a lot that I haven't gotten to post yet. For this post, I'm going to conclude the updates for my Familitchi and Tamagotchi Friend. I had a Mukugetchi, Hatugotchi, and Lovezukintchi on my Familitchi. Personally, I think Mukugetchi kinda looks like a cute yeti or Bigfoot (if they existed). Hatugotchi is the cutest among the three. Anyway, Lovezukintchi married Sunnytchi and they had a girl that evolved into Hoshitchi. This concludes the log on the Familitchi. One thing I don't like about the Familitchi is that it takes a long time to earn points on it to buy things. Next for my Tamagotchi Friends. I had a Coffretchi that married Spacytchi. They had a baby girl too. This concludes the log for my Tamagotchi Friends.
  19. I ordered a tamagotchi MIX Dream Version Purple!

  20. .....and I just ordered a TAMAGOTCHI 4U BLUE :)

  21. In the end I didn't hatch my tama-go. They wouldn't turn on after I put new batteries in. The tama-gos seems pretty weak compared to how bulky they are. Maybe I dropped them too many times. I left the old batteries in, but there wasn't any corroding. The good news is I got my V4 and V4.5 going. Today was busy and so I had to leave all of them on pause for most of the day. My Tama P is an adult Kiraritchi and my MusicStar is a Tosakatchi. This post is going to be about the other Tamas. Here are my V3 and IDL. I have more to post, not sure when I can update. Until the next post!
  22. So, I was going to post yesterday, but that didn't work out. Here is today's post! Here is my V3. The V3 is probably my favorite black and white pixel Tamagotchi. It has a lot of games on it and you have to re-buy the items that you use. The shop continually changes. The Tamagotchi doesn't have a job or a music band that they have to be in. It's more pet like than the later Tamagotchis. I haven't hatched my Tamago or V4.5 yet. I might get to it later today though.
  23. Here are yesterday's and today's hatching!