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  1. Mr. Brightside - The Killers OH the memories! Wow, now I am listening to Move Your Feet - Junior Senior This sure takes me back.
  2. PLUSHIES! I have many, and I am still trying to obtain more~ Marvel, Minecraft, anime, etc.
  3. I can't eat or drink first thing in the morning or else I'll get really sick feeling. It's odd and kind of frustrating, but hey. Ever since I went to a Native American festival, I can't sleep without a dream catcher in my room because of what they told me. When my aunt lived in Japan, I messaged her about Japanese items, and I said "I would love some Japanese thongs!" She was very confused.
  4. My newest obsession is... wait for it... Blue Exorcist. <3 The anime tore me apart BUT it's my favorite at the moment.
  5. I type ;~; too much. I usually ALWAYS do this. "Heyyy" Adding extra letters at the end. I use ~ at the end of things. I try to avoid emoticons that have pictures such as so I type it like (: :3
  6. My first Tama... well, it was so many years ago, I don't remember exactly when, but it was a v3 Pink Ribbon design. I wanted one badly, and I couldn't find them anywhere. So, my aunt who lived in another state bought me one and mailed it to me. I cried because I was so happy. <3
  7. Does/has anyone played it? I have 4 Harvest Moon games. 1 for GBA, 2 for my DSi and 1 for my Wii! It used to be my favorite game, but for some odd reason, I stopped playing it. I might again, just for the nostalgia. It's super cute and pretty fun.
  8. I remember being on Tama Talk years ago, and still, I love it! I've made another account in 2011 or so, but this one is here to stay. :)

  9. The last movie I watched was Frozen! My newest obsession~
  10. Woah, Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom, reigning from 1837 to 1901. Priscilla Presley The Versailles wedding hall disaster Tommy Chong Joey Logano Vince McMahon Sr. death Aw! These are a just a few.
  11. Hm, well, let's see. I get highly angry when I am worried. I laugh when I get in trouble. I cry all of a sudden for no reason at all. (my emotions are messed up) Whenever I miss someone, I will listen to a song that reminds me of them over and over. I can't play Minecraft or RuneScape without my boyfriend anymore because it isn't the same. Sometimes I'll do things just to make myself sad. (weird, I know) There is a song that reminds me of when my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument and I'll listen to that when I am scared he is mad at me because for some ODD reason it makes me feel better, I don't even know. As stated before, my emotions are messed up and I never feel what I should. I feel guilty for saying these, but... yeah.
  12. It's one of my newest obsessions. I just started it and I'm only on episode 10 but it's the best! Anyone else watch it? :3