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  1. Happy Birthday. Hope you enjoy your day :)

  2. your absence is noticed..

  3. Happy birthday! PrinJess and have a wonderful day!

  4. Generation List: News: Expected Deliveries: Anniversary Pierce Disney Mickey & Friends Pierce Aikatsu Dream Academy Pierce Christmas Edition Entama ID L Princess Spacey Blue Translucent Uratama I hope everyone's had a fantastic holiday! My Christmas was..."eh". My parents gave me and my fiancée a loveseat a few weeks ago for our upstairs bedroom so technically that was my early Christmas gift. I just got cheap items from my little brother in my stocking. My fiancee will buy me stuff on my wishlist once he gets paid again. The economy here has not been kind to his wallet. Meanwhile I am still waiting for the Pierces I ordered weeks ago---I already yammered about that--- and I recently won a bid for another Uratama. Yeah, I seem to love Uratama's for some reason. I'm a fan of the star charms, I suppose. Good news on my Christmas Entama: it arrived yesterday! I can't believe it arrived so fast! I didn't want to tear the box like I did with my very first Uratama (which now belongs to Odds) so I had to slowly peel old, dirt-embedded tape off the sides. It was a tedious process; I only managed to peel tape off three sides of the packaging. I still managed to get the Tama and the instruction manual out with only three sides open. I pulled the battery tab out, opened the back door, and discarded the dead battery. Then I returned the Tama back into the packaging after screwing the back in place. Ooooh, was the charm made out of M&Ms? *** Red Jellybean Tama Connection V2 - Secondary ___________________ Caleb ♂ Gen 2 Age: 0 Weight: 33 lbs 4211 Gotchi Points 3/9 Training Points ___________________ I was wrong about Kusatchi's departure. I said she would leave yesterday morning, but she left this morning instead. I got a boy and it later evolved into Kinakamotchi. His character art looks better than what his sprite actually looks like: I don't know why, but I have a love-hate relationship with the "Bump" game. On the one hand, I beat my opponents with a full bar. On the other hand, filling the bar all the way doesn't influence whether you win or lose for me. I read on a wiki that your Tamas weight, as well as filling the bar, guarantees victory. It seems to me that most of the games on the V2 are all based on chance. The "Jump" game? I press the buttons as soon as I see it, and it doesn't register the press! So irritated! "Heading" and "Slots" are definitely the games I play more, but Caleb is a toddler right now; the games unlock at the teen and adult stages.
  5. It arrived yesterday. Just in time, I say! Still no sign of my P's pierces, though. =[
  6. Letters are just letters written by Tamagotchi characters. Kinda useless for those who can't read Japanese. Happy Mail items, on the other hand, contain one or more items. To redeem these items, you need to transfer this letter to about three other Tamagotchi ID Ls.
  7. At least the forum is the same as when I left it. =]

  8. Generation List: News: Expected Deliveries: Anniversary Pierce Disney Mickey & Friends Pierce Aikatsu Dream Academy Pierce Christmas Edition Entama ID L Princess Spacey Uratama Happy Holidays! Long time no see, eh? It's been quite a while since I last logged in. I have been slacking quite a bit. Many things have happened outside TamaTown (aka the real world), but despite my lack of diary-logging, my Tamas have been trucking along---slowly, but still trucking. Okay, what did I get in the mail lately? Well, my second Uratama arrived a few days ago. It arrived a day or two after I purchased it on eBay. Priority shipping plus seller's location (same state in Florida) equals fast delivery. I could have saved several bucks and request cheaper shipping from the seller. Eh, too late now. Its condition is standard and has definitely been used: screen is scratched, the letters T, G, and C in TMGC on the star charm are faded (The C has vanished entirely), and a yellowy, pasty stain hugs the antenna base. Still, isn't the shell design attractive? Thankfully that hasn't faded. It just screams, "Look how bright and flashy I look! Put batteries in me NOW!" Since I wasn't able to post the pictures last entry, here are some pictures of the Tamas I bought from Odds and of my Tama "bag": Spoiler for large pictures! *** Purple Tama ID L 15th Anniversary - Primary === Generation Hatch === Generation 6 Hyurutchi ♂ ---> Daiyatchi ---> Kujakutchi ---> Rednosetchi Still alive and kicking! His pet is Harapparatchi (or that green pet with a leaf atop his head). Entry #10 *** Red Jellybean Tama Connection V2 - Secondary ___________________ Dina♀ Age: 7 Weight: 72 lbs 3201 Gotchi Points 8/9 Training Points ___________________ I had my V2 active for a few weeks now. It was around 5 or 6 years old when my Tama died on me. I left it on the ottoman upstairs while I was somewhere else in the house. Several hours later, I realized I didn't have my V2 with me, so I went upstairs to retrieve it. Lo and behold, my Tama went into the great big green Tama Planet in the sky. I think it was a Kiwitchi? The new egg I hatched for Phase 2 was a girl. I named her Dina. She had transformed into an ugly-looking Kusatchi (the ID L Anniversary sprite thankfully makes her look less ugly). Currently I have a baby boy bouncing around with her on the screen. If memory serves me right, Kusatchi will leave tomorrow morning. I managed to keep the first generation alive for a week, so here's to another successful generation!
  9. Christmas is coming up, so I used my blue Tama ID L to connect six different Tama babies and evolve my male teen into Rednosetchi. He's apparently also having a staring contest with the Christmas tree... (I haven't updated in forever! Sorry about that! He is Generation 6.)
  10. Generation List: News: Expected Deliveries: Anniversary Pierce Disney Mickey & Friends Pierce Aikatsu Dream Academy Pierce Driftloon Crochet Pouch (bought by Carol_Tama) Home Deka and Entama (bought by Odds) (I forgot it was an Uratama, oops) Christmas Edition Entama ID L Princess Spacey Uratama Now I know what you're thinking: PrinJess just fell off the face of the planet into the bowels of infinite space! Her logs have been really lackluster lately, you're probably wondering. Well, no sad faces anymore! I am back...indefinitely! Writer's block is the short version for my absence.There are so many things you can write about your little Tama friend before its actions repeat themselves. I'm gonna need another way to rectify this... Enough of that for now, it's time to see all the goodies I've accumulated since my last log entry. Carol's Crochet Pouch Driftloon (which is so cute!) and Odds' Home Deka and UraTama finally arrived (I'll take pictures of these in better light). Unfortunately my Pierces haven't, which makes me sad and nervous. I picked SAL shipping for all three so it's definitely gonna take a while to get here, especially after the holidays are over. And speaking of holidays...I scored a NIP Christmas-colored Entama on eBay at a decent price. So awesome!! The plastic looks battered and least it's not the Tama itself! I hope... I just wanted to update everyone where I've been and if I'm still writing. Sadly I don't any more information concerning my active Tamas except that the ID L 15th Anniversary is the Primary now and Jellybean is the secondary. I'm just sleepy writing this, but I will try to solve the mystery of my whole writer's block conundrum and hopefully write much better logs. And sorry for the lack of photos as well.
  11. I am not a shell collector. Sure, I try to get a Tamagotchi where the shell is pretty, but I get a Tamagotchi for its gameplay and to acquire every version in existence. If I get bored with one version, I can switch to another one, easy peasy. I'm more likely to replay a Tama if it's the only one I have rather than just pick a color and ignore the other one. I want to be a Tama parent where favoritism is the least of my problems. When I first started collecting, I discarded all the boxes because it was a waste of space I didn't have at the time. I still don't have the space, but this time I keep the boxes in a box atop a shelf in my closet and the Tamagotchis in a Pocky (a Japanese chocolate snack) handbag on my bookshelf. Most of them are in crochet covers I accumulated, but few are still unprotected. Most of the Connections I collected were bought without instructions or boxes. I only have instructions for the V3, V4.5, and V5, and of course the color Tamas which I bought brand new (except for the ID L 15th anniversary, but it had the box and instructions). I would keep a large collection if I could of all shells and all versions, but I rather play with them than keep them imprisoned in a box somewhere.
  12. I'm currently on my 5th generation on my ID L, and I've had only one boy. I don't think there is a way to influence the gender of a child, it's pretty random. I heard there was a trick to reset the P's after the egg hatches. If you don't get the gender you want, you just reset and try again. I never tried it myself, so I don't know the exact steps.
  13. Started up my V2 just for kicks...ah, brings back memories...

  14. I think it's false because I got Lovelitchi with only one care miss. Far as I know, I missed most of her wiggle dances. I remember also with Kuishinbotchi I didn't feed the teenager 20 snacks to evolve him. I pretty much got these characters using only care misses. It's from experience, for me, these special conditions don't influence evolution.