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  1. So when you buy a house/ background, and switch to a diffrent one, would you have to pay for it again to get it again? Not sure if that makes sense. Thanks!
  2. OOOOOOHHHHH SHINEY!!!!Can i get one! No dear, you will give one to a girl. Why would i give it away? So you can get married and live happily everafter. EEEEEWWWWWWW.i thought i said I'm never getting married. ">http:// ">http:// Pop! Goes the weasel!!! Mommy taught me that. Random but, cute! ">http:// You know, you left me with your baby. Great parenting. You left me mommy? Mommy? MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAAAAAAHHHHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA you are laughing now? Yah, look at my pants! Oh yah, i went to church and paused him for 3 hours, but SOMEHOW he unpaused himself. HEY!! is that why i was sick and hungwy? Who are you talking about! Ill beat them up with kungfuninga! whats that? Anyway,Toby grew into a Furutsupantchi. Very well named i must say. Sewiouswy, what? A Colon and a parentheses. Oh. NTM! Who? You! NewTamaMama is too long! ok... i guess its time to go now. By!!!!
  3. Today was a very busy day for us! GUESSWHATGUESSWHATGUESSWHATGUES- WHAT! i got married! Yep and mommy bought me from the store to celebrate! Yah, a cute little Nittobotchi! Im naming him… Toby! Im impressed, thats a pretty good! A lot better then Blueberry. again ouch…so heres their wedding photos! ">http:// So thats the matchmaker, getting ready to hook Creampuff up! Mommy's name is Creampuff? Yep Can i eat her TamaMama? No.That is cannibalism. But she looks like a ice-cream cone. HEY! What? You do! Who's that? The matchmaker Toby, i told you that before we got off track,and she has really strange hair. at least she HAS hair. HEY!!!!! Mommy's hair is awesome. ANd it tastes yummy! Does YOUR hair taste good? No………0.o HAH! MOMMYS HAIR IS BETTER! Strange. Continuing……. ">http:// EWWWWW!!!!Im never getting married! But i want some grand babies for TamaMama to take care of! We'll see. we'll see. ">http://
  4. ">http:// It all depends on which map you look at.
  5. Thanks to Hayden for liking me! Actually, what do you guys want the pet to be named? now that i think about it- lys a disgrace to names everywhere and insulting to her? Nooooo….. I was thinking that thats a cheesy name. A cheesy fruit? 0.o Thats just NASTY! I can't say anything without you being mean can i? Don't call me mean. WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! OK PLUG YOUR EARS AND PM ME SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!!
  6. The hamburger.I HATE the hamburger. i wish Kuchipatchi opened his mouth wider so he could just swallow all of it!!!!
  7. Didyoumissmedidyoumissmedidyoumissme- CreamPuff, I'm sure they did, right now i have to thank everyone who looked at my Log! 50 views in less then 24 hours. I must be more entertaining then i thought! Noooooo…. IM entertaining. You just are the workhoarse. thats not how you spell it. I don't care don't fix it. but it is "Unprofessional"to spell wrong It was me anyway, so who cares It doesn't matter if it was you, I'm the one typing! nuhuh! uhuh see watch me tipe o trees buttns are hrad to pres. Ummmmmmm i don't think thats your biggest problem. wat do u meen? 0.o Anyway…………….. ">http:// She got a cute little pet! what should i name her? how about….. Teddy! Teddy. Thats been used a gazillion times by 4 year olds. Whats your brilliant idea hotshot? well, what about Bluberry Tart? And you said MY idea was bad? What?! You seriously have food issues. Well maybe I'm hungry okay!! you are the human equivalent of a kupatchi! <_<Ouch. Low blow.But her name is still Blueberry!! Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words can't hurt me-OUCHH!!!!! Hahahahahaha! that is wrong ​Throwing a billboard at me is NOT what they meant! Fine watch this! i have a bad feeling about this….. ">http:// I AM THROWIG A TANTRUM DOES IT HURT DOES IT HURT DOES IT HUUUUUURRRTTT!!!!!!!! Yiieps! where are those earplugs!!!!? DOESITHURTDOESITHURTDOESITHURTDOESITHURT- OK FINE IT HURTS SO SHUT UP!!! Hah. told you so! Mind. Boggled. ">http:// Look at me!!!! Oh yes! Her favorite toy gave her a Happy Stamp yesterday. Look i made it do flips!And rays of light shot out of the sky for me!!! Humble as she is talented i see. …... hello? ………………….. Well i guess since she's stopped talking its time to go now so see you lat- WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Click
  8. Ok,, i remember reading somewhere how to browse i guess, in the tama market, but i forgot and i either buy something or just get off it. Could somebody post it here or send me a link to the original topic? sorry, but i couldn't find it again.
  9. Sorry, i had to many pictures apparently. (Pause to glare at whoever made that rule) Continuing the previous post: What about this one? http:// That one is even worse! Theres just not pleasing you is there? Well maybe if you took better photos. I look like all pixilated! Plus there all sideways! You ARE all pixels, and when i uploaded them they did that. (Glare)Thats not the point. ANYWAY she is doing pretty good so far. ">http:// She has 3 of the 4 Tamatomo stamps, despite her pickyness.Pause and (look at Cream Puff) ">http:// I way 16 grams? aahhh! I have to lose weight!!(frantic jumping jacks) You weigh about as much as 3 crayons. i think your good. 0.0 Oh. BYE BYE wait i wasn't done yet! don't do it! Don't even think about clickin click
  10. So this is TamaMama here, getting ready to start my log. I got my ID L on Christmas, and admittedly i haven't played them in a while. but I'm starting up again! Ill start with some pictures of it- so here is with and without the case(made by oddsandendswithlove) ">http:// ">http:// What about me? Me: i was just giving them pictures of your house first. ​don't they care about me? Course they care about you its just- Sniff sniff oh come on. Lip starts to tremble Ok ok! il post some pictures! Really! Yes! sheesh. The is my Emotionally unstable delicate but cute Cream Puff. shes a Perotchi. Why did you name me Cream Puff? Im not that Puffy am I?Is it my head? I alway thought it was a little thick…. sniff siff Well when you were little you were a Rorutchi, and you looked like a little dessert. Still. Anyway………. Here she is, very pretty in her blue dress and, is that a seashell? ">http:// It was on sale. Wait your doing THAT picture? NOOOO!!!