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  1. I think they are great! They can be hand me downs, so you can pass them, there fun, and they are antiques!
  2. mi friend got the tamagotchi for mi bday, and i cant even play with it..... i havent plyaed it for 1 month, and my sis and bro calls me imature, since i play wiht it
  3. mi mom thinks there for 4 years old.... i told her.... probably some older person then me must have 5 of these
  4. mi mom hides it somewhere, so i can never play with it.... its sad.... i only play for like 15- 30 mins...(i dint play with mi tama for a month)
  5. wut is the password for the grandparent?
  6. I figured out that the babie tamagotchi( only v3), likes steak. I tried it, and it works! It went in circles, and it was smiling
  7. well.. the mametchi is just plain old happy! i won heading twice!
  8. Yeah! I bought a chest for mi tama, and i got 3000 points out of it! I was able to get to the king, and i got a ring
  9. Yeah! It evovled into a teen! Its a Young Mamemtchi!