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  1. goodbye

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. derekq


      Don't know either, I can see that she requested an account close and has been approved.

  2. ah haha i see. sorry i even asked such a question on this site, guess i lead a darker life than i thought..
  3. bahahahahaha omg edit: is that the point of this topic? i'm clueless
  4. please and thank you very much! fantasy or reality?
  5. this machine creates little black squash balls..
  6. someone rang the doorbell, then i turned off my light... -_-

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    2. joonchoon


      literally the biggest coward of the century..

    3. tamastar133


      I know how you feel when i'm home alone the phone rings *hides under blanket* when they knock on my door quietly hide XD

    4. joonchoon


      haha yes! it's reassuring when i find out there are others like me, so thank you!! turns out it was just my yumemitchi and kiraritchi plushies arriving at their new home! silly me XD

  7. Bob's Burgers while eating a burger
  8. yooo... Are you my sister? You sound just like her.
  9. is this real life? i can't believe i finally own this little jewel!! going to go stare at it and cry a bit before i open.
  10. "I'm Not In Love" (10cc cover) - Camera Obscura
  11. tamagotchi is wonderful. time to clean my room.

  12. the blue tamagotchi 4U looks just like Cinderella

    1. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      Cinderella's original dress is white silver, her dress is blue just in the Disney Princess merchandise

    2. joonchoon


      it's all 'bout da ~essence~

  13. little twin stars! because i'm a lonely soul
  14. ahhh! this question! so difficult! i've always adored the whole "winter wonderland" type of scenery, so I suppose I would have to pick the white one.