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  1. finally a color english release! been waiting for years lol
  2. this site has changed so much, but hi i'm back to see info about the tamagotchi ON

  3. Long time no talk! How is everyone?

    1. Hoky


      Pretty rad! How are you?

    2. StoryBrooke


      Good! I just got the new Tamagotchi Mini!

  4. I've been wondering... do you just raise gudetama on it?
  5. I love them, but I've always had scary experiences with them. I can't even bring myself to keep them in my room lol.
  6. I used to play them a lot when I was younger. I'd love to get into them again!
  7. My Tamagotchi ID arrived in the mail today! My first color tama. I love it to pieces!~

    1. QueenRita


      Nice!! I'm happy for you!

    2. PokemonBecky
    3. Verklighet


      I love how you said, "I love it to pieces!" :)

  8. thinking about my first webkinz pet. It's her 10th birthday today.