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  1. I received FOUR PACKAGES TODAY! So excited. I did feel super ridiculous picking them up from the mail room, though. I'm making an awesome unboxing video tomorrow!~ ^^ I believe that it'll be the P's, Uratama, and 3 deco pierces.
  2. Hey all, I was looking for some downloads for my iD L and stumbled across this thread: It provides a .zip file with all the released iD L download over the past couple of years, but I can't seem to get it to work. The download happens but it says that the "application (is) not found". I'm not too tech savvy. Thoughts, anyone?
  3. OH, MY GOD PEOPLES I have received my English iD L (Purple) in the mail!!! I still have to run to the post office to pick it up, but nevertheless... I am so excited!! Out of all the things I'm waiting on, this is the one that I'm most excited for! Oh, and I must say that the new logo is really cute! ^^ Update: Here's a photo!! And thank you, Moussette. :3
  4. Thank you everyone, it's all very helpful! Nerdbot-that link was useful, sorry that I didn't search for something similar before posting!
  5. Hey there! (This is GoGotchi ^^) I actually just got back into Tamagotchi in my second year of college, just thought it'd be interesting for you to know that. I have quite a decent amount of friends, but I find that I rarely socialize with people one on one. Instead, I spend most of my time on my own doing work, playing bass, etc. That being said, I have quite the busy schedule but regardless I still keep a tama in my pocket (or somewhere near me) because as silly as it may sound, it makes me feel like I'm not alone. I don't think it's the fact that there's something that needs me to take care of it, asking for my attention all the time, but instead just knowing that there's something or someone (I suppose) with you and you're not really alone. Haha. It's a psychological comfort. Hm, I have to wonder about the boyfriend/friend situation, though. Are you willing to lose your friend over your boyfriend? I don't think that your boyfriend should be asking you to limit contact with your friend, instead I think that he should respect the fact that he is your friend and if he really doesn't like him, he can just make sure that they're not around each other at the same time (your boyfriend and your friend). Especially since this friend is so close to you... Are you really going to risk losing your friend when you already said that you don't have many other close friends? Just some thoughts. I honestly don't think it matters whether your friends are mostly female or male. I know that for me, I have more male friends than female friends, however when it comes down to it, I make friends with people whose personality I like, not based on their gender. Don't worry about imbalances or fulfilling social expectations, as long as you have friends who are there to support you and can understand you, then you're good. I wouldn't worry what they look like on the outside, or what others think of them. Hope this helped. GoGotchi/Sushi
  6. Hey everyone! ^^ I currently have a reasonably small collection (about 12 pieces) but it's growing quite steadily, and I can't think of a good way to keep everything! So I was wondering what everyone's storage solutions were? Do you have a bookshelf dedicated to tamagotchi? A shoebox? Right now, I just keep everything (that I'm not currently running) in its original package in a drawer with some other stuff.
  7. Waiting for a purple English iD L and a few Deco pierces (dream coffret, royal change, yumemiru)!
  8. I received my purple/yellow P1 tamagotchi today! Will take photos and make an unboxing video ^^ Update -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A purikura version! Haha Still editing the video. :x
  9. Nice tutorial! ^^ The thing is, I've heard that the acid in nail polish is bad for your tamagotchi... maybe paint markers or spray paint is a better option? :/
  10. I suggested Tinychat because we can talk to each other like we would in person... haha.
  11. Hey all, I'm pretty sure a meet up has been proposed before but I was just thinking... if meeting up in person has its disadvantages, such as having to travel great lengths or encountering not-so-innocent individuals, then why don't we organize a cyber meetup? Like on Tinychat or something of the sort? This way everyone will be able to access it and we can maintain our relative anonymity if we want to. Perhaps it could last a number of hours as well to accommodate for the time differences between users... What do you guys think? I think it'd be be nice to get to know some other users and people in my area! None of my friends happen to be into tamas. :/
  12. Ok, thanks Amarisje! I'll keep that in mind.
  13. Man, nostalgia... I remember this day so clearly! I think I was four or five at the time, my family lived in the US back then and one day we'd gone to Toys 'R' Us to buy some... well, toys. I was sitting in the shopping cart and being pushed around by my mom, I think my cousin was there with me too. Anyway, we were lining up to pay at the cashier when I noticed that there was a series of egg-like keychain things hanging from the stands they have next to those checkout counters... I found the coolest design and asked my mom if I could buy it, and she said yes. That's how I got my first tamagotchi (which is currently MIA. I think it got lost when we were moving - *tear*). I thought it was the coolest thing ever, and I carried it the whole time - wouldn't let them put it in the cart, hahaha. It was this one, in case any of you were wondering:
  14. I don't know if anyone's mentioned this yet, but the newer, bigger tamas run on two AAA batteries. I find that Amazon is a good place to find US tamagotchis, whereas eBay is good for overseas ones and original versions (as in P1/P2 - they start at around $65 on Amazon). HOWEVER, for new iD L's and P's, (in other words certain models which are still in production), Amazon is also a good place if you're lucky enough to stumble upon some listings. I recently snagged a Green P's for $33! If you're looking for a Tama-Go, there were a couple of amazing deals on eBay. I believe it was one tama with six figures for $29.