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  1. Thank you so much!! I think i will buy the two (ID and P) depends of the price... Im still worried about the language!! but lets see what happen..
  2. Hello everyone! Im so happy I found this forum! I recently own a Tamagotchi from 1996 in japanese! hahaha And of course my obsession about Tamagotchis is back!! I remember having even a little Mermaid one!! Im choosing between version P or ID L (and i bought a v4.5 too) And i dont know if the tamatown down affects any of these versions and if they are still playable without it! Can anyone help me?? which one do you prefer p or id?? can i use it without tamatown?? One little thing Im worried about is that they are in japanese and I don't know japanese, but maybe someone have a translation??? please!! Thank you so much!!!