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  1. first of all u need to buy a rod in ur shop for 400 gp(200 if theres a sale), then go to ur item and look for the rod and use it. its simple as that
  2. like the other said just try a new battery but if it dont work try to contact bandai and tell them ur situation about ur tama.
  3. the parants stay 48 hours with its baby but after 24 hour u can set the clock to 11:59pm, wait 1 min and the parent will watch the baby and then will leave
  4. actually no, the first time my tama fish she was a teen,
  5. yup its the fishing rod that u buy in the v3 shop
  6. i dont know if theres already a topic about this but i decided to make a list of all the things u can get while fishing: tin can small fish medium fish(thanx Bloomgirl) big fish(take the whole screen) gotchi points if i miss someting please let me know ~Mimitchi13~
  7. i think they will be out the 1th febuary
  8. i dont think connexion can be debug. its only the connection V1 and V2
  9. check this site and it will have ur answer that ur looking for http://www.pixelmood.com/tamagotchi_connection_debugging.htm
  10. its takes about 72hours. heres the hours of the matchmaker visits 10:30am, 3:00pm and 7:00pm
  11. please do not post these can of topics in the "help for new tamagotchi pet owner" catergory. just add the link in ur sigg
  12. to get hte UFO in the shio u can just set the time so that the shop will be filled with new stuff. here r the hours 12:00am(not sure),3:00pm and 7:00pm hopes this helps u ~Mimitchi13~
  13. its the panada one that The_Tam_Codes was talking about
  14. To get a Oyajitchi u will need to have a Ojitchi and a Otokitchi. make them mate and then they will have a baby. 48 hours after the parents will leave and u will have to take care of the baby. one hour after it will evolved into a Oyajitchi. It will skip the child and teen stage. it works for V1 and V2