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  1. Would anyone, like to tell me where I can read about Tamagotchi Friends?

    1. SailorRosette


      The Bandai UK New Tamagotchi topic in comments and rumors.

    2. javier tamatown

      javier tamatown

      thank you! I also wanted to know where I was :)

    3. Pengu's lovely fawx
  2. Where can I read about Tamagotchi Friends?

  3. I swear, some people I know don't even know what a "relationship" actually is anymore.

  4. And here you can see that I'm still a giraffe because I was too lazy to change my profile picture.

  5. I posted a topic in seriously non tamatalk but it didn't show up... Does it have to be reviewed first?

  6. Oh boo. I guess I'm a giraffe for the next three days! I'll change my avatar when I get home.

  7. Awesome, I can't believe there was such a blatant solution, thank you for sharing. Im going to try it.
  8. I would just play with it like it's no big deal. Act casual. Don't tell them but don't hide it. If they ask you about it, just act casual.
  9. Well I have a purple tama-go and I've been wanting to play with it but I can't because I can't get the back to unscrew. It looks like the edges in the screw are dull so there's kind of just a circle in the screw. I think it's because I've been using a screwdriver that was POSSIBLY too big in the past... Any help with this issue?
  10. I like naming mine, because it feels more personal and real.
  11. I have a tama-go but I have not touched the thing in forever. What set me off of it is the fact that you can't name your tamagotchis on the tama-go. Do any of you name yours? What are your opinions on naming your tamagotchis?
  12. I am so close to getting ura Zukyutchi uwu

  13. And I have yet another question for everyone on TamaTalk! How about an English ID L? Are those any good? Where can I find information on all of the colored tamagotchis? They've caught my interest.

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    2. SailorRosette


      *blinks* tamagotchi ref pages. By the tamagotchi logs.

    3. Pengu's lovely fawx
    4. nerdbot


      I have an english ID L, and I can say that I probably would have been just as satisfied with a regular Japanese version. The text is cute, but it's totally not necessary. Like SailorR said, definitely check out the ref pages, or even read logs. (I should really update mine...)