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  1. Break icicles and sometimes they fall out
  2. There's a secret way to get to him but it isn't that way. I've done it before, try taking a different path that you wouldn't expect to get to him on. *hint* *hint*
  3. Am I the only one here who has a DS, because I have two of them....
  4. I found a new cool Tamagotchi game on called Return to Tamagotchi Planet. You can either choose to be a Mametchi or Memetchi and you journey around the world looking for Gotchi Points, befrending other Tamagotchis to help you on your quest, and fighting monsters to find the ticket booth with tickets to get back to Tamagotchi Planet, your home. With the gotchi points you collect you can buy items for Otokitchi's Stand to help you on the quest. When you beat it tells you a secret code. It's awesome!!! You have to be a member of Neopets to play it though but you can just make a account real quick and play the game. (You don't have to put in the activation code.) Here's the address for the game... I hope you like it as much as I do!
  5. A baby turns into a toddler the day it's born, a toddler turns into a teen at 1 or 2, a teen turns into a adult at 3 or 4.
  7. It's normal for a tama to fall in love with more than one tama, even if they already have already mated and had a baby.
  8. Sorry, but I don't think this topic is appropiate for this section, you should put it in another section.
  9. If anyone is wondering how to get a Oyajitchi for sure, here's how to do it: 1) Grow your tama to the oldtimer stage stage 2) Mate your oldtimer with someone else's oldtimer 3) After the oldtimer leaves, raise your new tama to the adult stage and he/she will become a oyajitchi
  10. Ufotchi is not an adult, it's a teen. You use the love potion by making your Tamagotchi drink it when it's a adult at the age of 5 or more. Then you connect with a Tama of the opposite gender and your Tama will gain all the hearts necesary to mate with them.
  11. Not enough information for someone to help you, what version is it and what did you do to it?
  12. Here are the listings for the evolving stages[/b] Baby-Toddler: 24 hrs. Toddler-Teen- 72 hrs. (Aprroximately) Teen-Adult- 72 hrs. (Aprroximately) Adult-Oldtimer- 120 hrs. (Aproximately)
  13. Your tama takes the costume of when it goes to sleep. If it's the Mimitchi one it goes back to your items and if it's the Panda one it dissapears. You can re-enter the code to get the Panda one again but this time you'll have to buy it for 2,500 points.