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  1. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    tamagotchi shops in the philippines?

    unfortunately that shop closed down long long ago, all they had was fake rubbish anyway lol but you can check the shop Toylandiatbp on eBay, it's Philippine based. Ordered from them before and can verify that they're legit.
  2. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    Google It!

  3. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    First World Problems

    let me in tamachat smh
  4. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    First World Problems

    I want to go on tamachat ;((((
  5. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    Coca Cola VS Pepsi War

  6. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    Musical Experience?

    I like, play the triangle.yeah.
  7. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    What's your current MAJOR pet peeve?

    20 and up people on the internet that flirt/date with 10-15 year olds and feel like it's ok and it's not pedophilia because it's on the Internet, not irl.
  8. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    Last Post Wins

    w ow! price w hat a lo w!
  9. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    Tell your dreams

    john cena
  10. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    New stuff

    Please take the time to actually go the the correct category and topic and post there instead of going to the first topic you see and mindlessly ask questions. Thanks.
  11. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    What's your current MAJOR pet peeve?

    10-14 year old girls using stupid pet names on people much older than them like STOP
  12. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    What's your current MAJOR pet peeve?

    internet crybabies that cry over the most insignificant things
  13. BlueCheeseMonkey~

    New stuff got your brother?