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  1. I'll try that as soon as I can get new batteries! Also it happened again today. It restarted while I was out, and then just a bit ago I was buying something from the bus (That comes when you go outside) and the screen went white and froze. This was fixed by pressing the reset button though.
  2. Alright, so this is a more recent issue which I have not encountered before on any Tama I own. So I started my Tamagotchi P's up two days ago. I added new batteries, as the last ones were dead. It ran well for a while, but an hour or two later, I went to press the buttons to check on my Tama, and the screen wouldn't turn on/wake from sleep mode. The tamagotchi was completely unresponsive. I naturally opened the back to perform a reset, but that didn't work either. I had to instead remove the batteries and put them back in to reset the tamagotchi and get it to turn on again. This seems to happen every day. Two or 3 times yesterday and then again when I woke up this morning I found it had done it again. My poor Tama will never grow if this keeps happening! To my knowledge, nothing has specifically triggered it. Whether I have used the tamagotchi seconds ago or an hour ago, it still seems to happen. It's also very random, as there is no battery warning, so I can't imagine they're just dying I am really not sure here. I could use any help. The batteries I put in were brand new, and when I got this tama I had gotten it new in box. I definitely cannot afford to have to get a new one, so hopefully there is some kind of fix.
  3. I've decided to just let it go. My question is answered. You may close this topic now.
  4. I've decided to just let it go. My question is answered. You may close this topic now.
  5. So I got a tama a few days ago. He had been started and hatched. He remained on the name screen for 25 days until I opened and named him. He is a kuchipachi now and he is 30. The matchmaker won't come for him. Is it because of his age? Someone please help. I don't want this little historic tama to die. I want him to have babies.
  6. Can it go into debug mode if it has never been opened? can i fix it? Now it fell asleep and became a Flowerchi. It still says its male even though its a female and its still a 22 gen. can anyone help me? It's letting me connect now as well...
  7. Srry. Im new here and i cant really figure out where to post...
  8. So just a while ago i picked up my tamagotchi v2 who had just become an adult. A female baby was on the screen with two hearts flashing above its head. In its stats it still said that it was the same exact tama but now it says its on its 22nd gen. its only a gen 2. It wont let me connect claiming that my empty friends list is full. Nothing i press makes the hearts go away. I have tried resetting and downloading it and taking the battery out but it isnt working. Is there anything i can do to fix this? I do NOT wanna reset this tama ifi do not have to. It has never been tampered with or opened for more than a battery change.
  9. Hey everyone! As a new member to tamatalk i would like to begin a hatch this sunday with the tamagtchi angel. Sorry if it's too soon. Let me know if youre joining. Thanks!