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  1. This account is no longer in use. For this member's active account, see YURIA★CHARMAINE - http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/user/210221-yuria★charmaine/

  2. Ahh, this scoring and ranking thing is so confusing! Let me just get the facts straight, the official top score any Tamagotchi can be given is 120, but it is possible to take it higher. So... if anything is scored higher, then instead of it being unlimited, the score that breaks the 120 limt becomes the limit. So yeah, sorry if I got anyone confused there.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. XXKayaXX


      I rethought it because I wouldn't give TF a low score, since it's my favorite, so that's why after realizing that I changed it so I wouldn't be doing so. I must have a lot more to learn.

    3. Carleesi


      I still don't understand how that works, even after your explanation o.O

    4. *Hayden*


      the scoring is hard to understand...

  3. BEST color tamagotchi out there is TMGC 4U, isn't it!? right?

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Nobody's played it yet ouo' My favorite is either the TMGC+C or Princess Spacy iD L

    2. derekq


      My favorite is P's (features & characters) not design (I am a boy)

  4. I'd get every color-screened Tamagotchi!

    1. ♥Twilightchi♥


      I'd get every single Tamagotchi...



      if I had the money.

    2. derekq


      Ya the problem is with the money.

  5. Hello Tamagotchi community. I am sure that some of you have noticed that I have a "current standings" status update. I would like to explain how this works. It works like this, you choose your top three favourite Tamagotchis and score each one out of whatever you want. In my case, I score my three favourites out of 120. the feedback score you give it is based on what you like and dislike, and your favourite one is the one with the highest score. for instance, 1st. *insert Tamagotchi name here* (score *insert feedback score here*) Do the same for second and third with the name and score. Thank you for reading this, and I hope you understand. EDIT : Please do not post in this topic, if you have any comments or don't quite understand, send me a PM. Malfoy Edit: Please refrain from using excessively large, fancy and obnoxious fonts. Make sure your posts are eye-friendly and suitable for any screen/device resolution. Malfoy Edit 2: Title updated. Typing in ALL CAPS is unethical and obnoxious as well.
  6. Current standings! 1st: Tamagotchi Friends (score 120) 2nd: TamaOtch (score 119) 3rd: Tamagotchi 4U (score 103)

  7. Nice pics! Interesting. I would have liked to have got one of them since they'd released today otherwise. But they probably changed it because it's probably worth the wait. But I'm really looking forward to their release! It's kind of a shame that we have to wait until August, but I guess it is less than a month away.
  8. That "Post adult" thing looks really interesting! I will definitely get a TMGC 4U now c:

  9. Yaaaay! FINALLY I have Young Mametchi on my TMGC+C!

    1. derekq


      Congratulations! :D

  10. 1998 was a great year, Tamagotchi-wise! They made such amazing Tamagotchis back in that year. TamaOtch, Devilgotchi, Yasashii, you name it! But here's the question: were they still making them in 1999?

  11. New updated feedback score for TMGC 4U! it's 92!

  12. TMGC 4U... I've made up my mind. I WILL get one!

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. derekq



      But heres the problem for me (just me xD):

      I have a v4.5, v5, p's if i get the 4u none of them can connect.

  13. OK, here's a good one. Which is better, Tamagotchi iD l, Tamagotchi P's or Tamagotchi 4U? Come on, tell me!

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    2. derekq


      Myiko, I guess you got that information from Ichiro right, I found a lot of v4.5 on ebay, why can't you found any?

    3. derekq
    4. Myiko


      Yes I watched his log and fell in love with that tama hahaha

      wow I must be terrible at looking through ebay o.o thank you! another tama I'll consider on getting, I could never buy one when they got released :(