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  1. I got the Dream Coffret set, so I will have that pierce! I plan on getting the Sanrio and Yumemiru change pierces. Oh, and I want the Love & Melody one too! Thank you so much for your advice. I do have a coin pouch that is really soft that is perfect to keep it in when I don't have it on a lanyard. How do the lanyards attach to the tamagotchi?
  2. Hello everyone!! I'm new to TamaTalk, so it's lovely to meet you all! I used to own a Tamagotchi as a child but I don't have much memory of that. A couple of summers ago, I started up a V4 and had so much fun! I've decided to buy a Tamgotchi P's beause they are just so pretty. I am so excited, it should arrive really soon! I was wondering - how much protection does my P's need? I do not want it to get scratched, but I am not really a fan of the crocheted cases. They are very pretty, but I personally prefer it without a case of any kind. How necessary are the crocheted cases? Do the P's scratch easily? I plan on giving it a screen protector, is that a good idea? I believe I will be carrying it on a lanyard most of the time. I'd love to know your experiences with damage to your tamas and any advice would be great. Thank you all! :3 Also! Another quick question... Will the Yumemiru Change Ribbon lanyard be long enough to put around my neck? I am not really sure what kind of lanyard to buy. Thank you again!