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  1. The marriage was 3 days ago, which means I have already an adult character again^^' A little girl, starting from Pinkubotchi → Terubotchi → Neotchi → end ends up with a Kiramotchi^^ → → → I got her this morning and right before work, I collect her puzzle pieces by eating or rather drinking a rosehip tea, wearing the tiara and playing with the clapperboard. - -
  2. Nokobotchi evolved into a Julietchi on valentine's day ^^ We worked on her puzzle pieces after I came home from work, friday evening. We got them by wearing the sunglasses, eating the apple pie and dancing to the karaoke. - - I was in the indoor swimming pool last sunday and left my Tamagotchis in the locker. I checked the parameters of course before I left them and 4 hours later, they were all right and back at home, I sent Julietchi to the matchmaker. She chose Rightchi out of him, Monakatchi and Kochimotchi. → - marital quarrel? ^^' such a sweet couple^^
  3. Takttchi married a Harptchi two days ago. The brides were Yumemitchi, Harptchi and Yukinkotchi. → I got a girl this time. She evolved from Pinkubotchi ino Puchihanatchi and today into Nokobotchi. → oh no, I forgot to take a picture of Puchihanatchi^^' → She will raise up to an adult tomorrow and I'm hoping for Julietchi. I have 3 care misses until now and the charismatic personality already. So not much can go wrong XD I met an old man today in my garden. He gave me a strange present. → I don't know what it is or what is it good for, but well, „a gifted workhorse, you do not look into the muzzle.“ Do you know that proverb? XD I made a new crochet cover for my P's, too. Of course in the matching colour as well - - And here's a updated list for all previous generations: And oh, I forgot to mention, that I got a new toolbar after the 8th generation. As you can see in the above list, the first 8 generations were all unique and of course they all got their 4 puzzle pieces
  4. I'm so sorry, I know I'm not really up to date in the last few days/weeks, but I decided to cacth up my highschool graduation and I have to do a lots of things for that >.< But I'm so excited and happy if it will work ♥ Okay, we stopped at Aokumotchi on it's 9th generation. He evolved into Turtletchi, then into Cosmotchi and finally into Takttchi, as I Hoped → → Back to the 10th of february, Cosmotchi went into the park, to help out the eco triplets cleaning the park and I finally got the eco shovel and can build snowmans in winter and plant trees in spring, summer and autumn *.* But to use it in the garden, you have to become and adult character first. → → For gaining Taktchi's puzzle pieces, you have to feed him with the two big sausages, let him use the music notebook and dress him up with the silk hat → →
  5. For gaining her happy stamps, I fed her with a smile cookie, let her play with the canvas set and dressed her up with a blue dress and a matching hair jewelry. → → After he got her last happy stamp, she married a Kikitchi today. Suitable for Valentine's day. The possible grooms were Kikitchi, Shinshitchi and Kuromametchi. → I got a Yurapatchi and Kingyobotchi again. I never had a Rolutchi before. Could anybody say wether there's a way to get her? I made a new crochet cover for my ID L in the matching colour Okay not really the same color, but I had no other blue^^' → → And here's a updated list for all previous generations:
  6. I'm so sorry, I know I'm not really up to date in the last few days/weeks, but I decided to catch up my highschool graduation and I have to do a lots of things for that >.< But I'm so excited and happy if it will work ♥ Okay, we stopped at Bokuhoshitchi on it's 15th generation. He evolved into Kuishinbotchi for the second time. I already have every adult starting from Bokuhoshitchi, so I don't have to count the care misses and yay, I got the best care character. I'm not really suprised XD Because if I'm not forced to, I don't neglect my lovely Gotchi ^___^ To maintain my current method, I will explain how to get the happy symbols, even if I already had this character earlier. For Kuishinbotchi you have to feed him with a jumbo gyoza, let him play with the candy cloud and dress him up with the overall - - Kuishinbotchi married a Ponpontchi on the 09.02.2014. The brides were Ponpontchi, Shigurehimetchi and Nachuratchi. → It was a born a little girl, named Yurapatchi – on the same day like Gozarutchi Yurapatchi then involved into Kingyobotchi, later into Painaputchi and in the end into Memetchi *.* → →
  7. We obtained her puzzle pieces by wearing the tiara, drinking the rosehip tea and playing with the clapperboard. - - - She got her last puzzle piece a few minutes ago, so she went to the matchmaker. The groom-candidates were Kochimotchi, Nandetchi and Mametchi. Her choise fell on Mametchi and the sweet couple got a boy -.- I reeeeeally want more girls →
  8. Oh my, sorry for not posting, but I'm really „busy“ at the moment. I crocheted a lot, many gifts for a whole bunch of people and birthdays, I'm obsessed with a new series and have to work more than usually and I want to play the drums more often. So much to do and so little time anyway, I have to catch up a bit, beginning with the marriage of Spacytchi. It was at the 04.02.2014. He took his bride out of Kiramotchi, Furifuritchi and Yumemitchi ... and he chose Kiramotchi and they got a little girl, yay^^ → Pinkubotchi evolved into Puchihanatchi, then into Neotchi [for the first time ] and finally into Kiramotchi. I think she looks like a teen as well, so cute and innocent. Maybe because she is the little sister of Kiraritchi??? Who knows. → →
  9. Okay, we are starting from the 14th generation now. The little boy evolved like usually from Nittobotchi into Kaubotchi, later into Bokuhoshitchi and finally into Shutotchi. → → As you can see, I changed the wallpaper of the living room with a downloadable design and it was the birthday of Gozarutchi (02.02.2014). Along with Shutotchi, I have now all the adult characters which can grow starting from the teen Bokuhoshitchi. So I won't have to try to get the right character when I will get my next Bokuhoshitchi and I don't have to keep an eye how many care misses I already have. Because it's very annoying. To make him happy and collect his happy symbols, he had to eat the fish 'n' chips, drive the car and wear the afro. - - When he got his last happy symbol after being and adult for 48 hours, he went to matchmaker and chose Watawatatchi out of her, Furawatchi and Pichipitchi. → The marriage was yesterday and I ended up with Bokuhoshitchi again. The same growth process like the generation before: Nittobotchi → Kaubotchi → Bokuhoshitchi. I really want more girls
  10. thank you very much Ichiro ^___^ that's very helpful and interesting to know
  11. Hello everyone, I wonder if anybody could give a roughly translation of the following pictures, please? - - The messages appears when I connect my P's with my sister's one and I'm curious what it means. It would be very nice if anybody could help^^ Thanks in advance.
  12. We visited eco town a few times and got nice gifts: - - My sister and I were for dinner at my parent's on sunday and we connected our Tamagotchis together. Her Chokomakatchi visited my Spacytchi and they did a lot of nice things together: cooking together, build a sandcastle at the park, learning at the day-care, using the railway and dancing together. - - - - I had to change the batteries and after I downloaded my Spacytchi, the time setting started a day before at 9 pm, so it will be take one day longer to recieve the last puzzle piece..
  13. Turtletchi grew to a teen after one day and evolved into Cosmotchi. We decided for some outdoor activity and went to the recently unlocked amusement park. There are really nice attractions, including two different caroussels, a ghost house and a giant wheel. - - - After the exciting visit at the amusement park, Cosmotchi went to the pre-school and took a little nap^^ After he came home, he evolved and I finally got my Spacytchi! ^____^ We immediately start to gain his puzzle pieces and to do that, he had to wear a jewel crown, use the sewing kit and eat the luxury curry. - -