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  1. Wait, in the Umino/Ocean, polar bears attack every hour?...dang polar bears

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Not exactly every hour, sometimes every few minutes... as long as how the bears want it. LOL

  2. Selena Gonzalez is watching.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Happy birthday, twin ;-; I miss you ;A;

  3. Cats Birthday list: Streak house with poop. Beg for wet food.

  4. selena gonzalez tho

    1. Sabrazom


      Justin beibeer is watching.

  5. happy birthday uwu

    1. Sabrazom


      uwu ty Puffy!!

  6. happy birthday! i hope you have a wonderful day! uwu

    1. Sabrazom


      Thank You Vaporeon c: I hope you have a a wonderful day also! ^-^

  7. Dr horrible sing along blog is my new addiction. SOMEONE HELP ME.

  8. "I turn around for a couple of seconds, and i see you eating glue and crayons." "Okay this is getting a bit to personnel."

  9. I so badly want to get the tamagotchi Friends, but i'm to busy, and its coming in june for the usa... AN'IT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT

    1. Tamacass


      heeeey.... *Looks side to side* You could just buy one off eBay. XD

    2. tamastar133


      No body got time that I need to Haz it >.<' I wish June was faster

    3. Sabrazom


      I would get one off ebay, but paying 40.00$ for one when i can get it for 20.00$ When it comes would be much better to me :o


      And i'm not sure if i may like it or not, so i would rather not pay fortune for something i may hate XD

  10. *Sleeping, A eerie laughter from Sammy is heard* "Mom, make room for me im sleeping in your room tonight."

  11. I'm amazed Sammy hasn't tried to peck at my P's :o

  12. *intense screaming* OMG, I turned on my P's, the water is gone, and it works wonderfully!!

  13. I would download the tamagotchi life app... iF I OWNED SOMETHING BY ANDROID!!!

    1. Gerbiltchi


      It's out for iOS as well

    2. Sabrazom


      i dont have a iOS, and pretty much no phone and nothing apple related :o i'm a bit sad i can't get it on kindle.

  14. Why Kitty. Why must you hate me and my bird, why do you hiss at me when i hug you or hold you. you are very mean kitty.

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    2. Tamacass
    3. Sabrazom


      Ugh, whenever i even pick up my cat, he'll start hissing at me, then starts hissing at my parrot. he was such a king cat, hes been acting this way since i got sammy v3v