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  1. Yume kira dreams Is the best because It has Kiraritchi! Cute little eskimo kiraritchi
  2. That's a good idea because I don't know Japanese at all. I'm friench but I know English a lot I think and I would be able to understand the show and see what Kiraritchi says
  3. Colorful Kiraritchi


    I drew this picture for tama town and it has a back ground!

    © me

  4. My friend said I could use her computer now

  5. What do I do about 96 notifications?

    1. dazzilitchigirl


      u red dem xoxoxoxo

  6. I practiced Makiko and htis is the best outcome
  7. I drew this Makiko for Jhud and this time I drew shading!
  8. Sorry but lum king isn't a Tamagotchi. I only draw Tamagotchis I drew Candy Paku Paku
  9. For tamastar123 I do no like how this picture turned out but I hope you like it still