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  1. I actually just got my tamagotchi the other day, it was really cool to once again be able to go into a store and purchase a tamagotchi again! I done a little unboxing of it aswell on my youtube
  2. I don't know if I'm the only person that feels this way but I'm not a fan of the character designs in modern Tamagotchis. I have owned every colour Tamagotchi and I feel that with every iteration the characters are becoming more and more humanoid I guess is the word? I don't dislike the colour Tamagotchis, far from it, I love them but I do feel that one of the things that I loved about the earlier versions (such as the version 2 particularly) were the unique character designs and every character seemed vastly different. It seems that I now spend more time with an earlier version due to this. Some unique characters that come to mind are Whaletchi, Flowertchi and UFOtchi. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same way?
  3. Infamous second son & ungrading skylanders in swap force!
  4. Skylanders 4, mario kart 8, watch_dogs & assassin's creed 5: unity. They all just look sooo fun!
  5. Some weird glitch happened to my tama when I changed the batteries. Here's the vid:
  6. I went out today and left my tamagotchi friends at home, but after an hour I realised that I hadn't paused it! Got home and my lovely kuchipatchi had died!!!! I actually said out loud "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"
  7. Hey, I just finished making a game, and it is now online for everyone to play! press the arrow keys to move left or right. The aim is not it get hit by the bullets/ Oh and because this is tamatalk, and i'm a tamagotchi fan, i'll give you a code. when you are playing press 'T' and something awesome will happen! here is the link: *removed (site rules) *
  8. You should play swap force it's soooo much better than the 1st one!!!
  9. How's assassins creed? I was gonna get that but got killzone instead! Might still get it though!
  10. Like this new gen is so much better, the graphics are just AMAZING!!!
  11. Killzone shadowfall completed knack yesterday
  12. Anyone else got a ps4? What games have u got, I got Killzone shadowfall Knack & putty squad Anyway PM me for my psn if you want to add me
  13. Yh but surprisingly I got Mametchi without perfect care, well I was using my technique what I used on the ID to get kuchipatchi, I used terrible card up until teen and then gave it perfect care as a teen and got Mametchi! But on my other TF I got Mametchi with perfect care. Also I got Memetchi on an odd gen with perfect care (3rd gen) I'll try and make a growth chart now and post it later