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  1. Wow, I haven't been here in a very long time. Figured I'd say hi to a few old friends, but not many people are left anymore. On a more tamagotchi related note, I got my coworker hooked! Yay!

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    2. Nazotchi25


      Hello there! Good to see you return!

    3. 2pVaporeon


      Hi guys! Glad to see a few of ya are still here <3 Im good, how about you Tamacass? Of course I still use it! I dont plan on changing it either~ :3

    4. Tamacass


      Hehe, yeah? I actually draw digitally now on the computer, and there are better Vaporeon models to use nowadays, but hey, I don't mind! Besides that, I'm doing just fine. :D Thanks for asking!

  2. I'll be leaving tamatalk as of tomorrow. Quite a few people here irk me the wrong way, so i'm thinking its my time to leave. Most my friends on here already have my skype, so if you want to stay in contact feel free to message me it, i'll try and check TT one more time before i log out for good. It was nice making a lot of great friends on here. Bye tamatalk!

  3. all naruto openings, the ending of kill me baby, xxxholic season 1's opening, tokyo ghoul opening, yuru yuri openings, all inazuma eleven openings (including Go, Go: Chrono Stone, and Go: Galaxy) ummm all Pokemon Openings up until Unova, Clannad after story opening "Toki wa Kizamu Uta" Clannad ending "Dango Daikazoku" Entire Clannad soundtrack in general. All Key anime soundtracks in general. Key anime in general. Literally, Air, Kanon, Clannad, Little Buster, Angel Beats all have beautiful soundtracks. In fact now im like crying and going to listen to them now gRRR
  4. Thank you Tamacass for my super cute new profile picture!

  5. I had a v4.5 that was like a translucent lava lamp! I think the idea is super cool but i dont really /love/ any of the designs so far.
  6. Im look for pink cosmos, pink tulips, white tulips, and white cosmos. Can trade purple roses/bells. :3
  7. (U •́ .̫ •̀ U) ~woof woof

  8. Awwh they look so cute! A boy would be nice to have though too! <3
  9. Its scary at first, but you get used to it! The only thing that still scares me are the death mini games. Seriously. It freaks me out.
  10. If you've used pokebanks free trial already, you're gonna have to buy it. :C Im probably gonna end up buying it too, sonce i have lots of pokemon i still havent transfered from bw to x and y yet. xD Butim like fangirling so hard. I want to keep playing but im in bed at a friends house and there arent plugins by her bed. The STRUGGGGLE
  11. Im catching lots of pokemon too, filling up the pokedex is gonna kill me though. I still cant get over how cute Brendan's facial expressions are! And Wally looks so super cute aaaa
  12. Im think maybe they upped the shiny rate? The only shinies i've ever seen were in Y in the friend safari. (Where the shiny chances were upped) I've been playing pokemon for years, sonce Emerald and just Wow. Im in so much shock. xD How far are you? My team so far is Treecko, Ralts and Shroomish!
  13. I got Alpha Sapphire! I just caught a shiny lotad, is it just me or...?!? A shiny?! Like, that fast?! I caught it not even 45 minutes into the game!