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  1. Lol, running 2 v3s, a v4, a v4.5, and a v2 at the same time. Wish me luck!

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    2. StelSolari


      You're going to be busy :) have fun!

    3. StelSolari


      You're going to be busy :) have fun!

    4. Retrotamagotchi
  2. I got a lot of tamas on eBay recently, one V2, 2 V3's (one of my favorite versions!!), and a V4.5. It was a real bargain and I just had to snatch it! I also managed to find a +Color on Amazon for 20$!!! I couldn't believe it. So I'm waiting for all of that to get shipped in, and it should all arrive before Christmas!
  3. Unfortunately, the Music Star and the Tama-Go aren't compatible. As far as I know, you can only connect the Tama-go with another Tama-go. As for the music star, I believe that you can connect it with another Music Star and a Familitchi.
  4. Kinda bored..... Someone tell me what version to run!!!

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    2. Nazotchi25


      As a challenge, run all your tamas at once

    3. Yumecantchi000
    4. Vexia


      I agree with Hapihapitchi, go with the Music Star!

  5. Thanks guys! I have a full bag and I walk around a lot during the day, so that's probably why it happens to me so much. I'll try those things, thanks!
  6. I actually don't think the Friends can change faceplates, they're either solid plastic shells or ID L-looking ones. The Tama-go or Tamatown can change faceplates, however, and at first glance it's screen is really similar to a Friends's. Do you think there's any chance that it was a mix-up?
  7. Hey there, not a new Tamagotchi owner, as this problem has been plaguing me for years. I'm sure that anyone who has had to keep a tamagotchi in a bag, pocket, or other carrying case has had this problem before, ESPECIALLY with the newer color tamas and any with the hard plastic buttons. What do you do to prevent accidental button pressing when a tamagotchi is in a bag or pocket?? Whenever I put my ID Ls or P's in my bag, they always seem to get buttons pressed. Most often, it changes the time, or just leaves it on the change time screen, pausing my tama even when I don't want it to. Does anyone have any fixes for this?
  8. There aren't puzzle pieces on the ID L, but there are happy stamps, or Tamatomo stamps, which are the exact same thing. Here's a great graphic showing you what each character likes. Credit to whoever made it, not me. The 4th one is obtained by having the adult character for a full 48 hours.
  9. Any chance you happen to know what locations and what times?
  10. V2 & V3: Simple, small tamagotchis with low-res pixel screens. TONS of cute characters. First to introduce connecting between two tamas (lots of fun with a friend or even just by yourself) and multiple generations of tamas. Really fun despite their simplicity. V4 & V4.5: New characters & new features like school & work, which are really cute and fun. V5 & V5.5: Also known as the Familitchi, in which you raise 3 characters at a time as a family. More complicated than the first tamas mentioned. I personally didn't enjoy it very much, but some people like it. V6: Also known as the Music Star. You raise one tamagotchi to become a Music Star. It's more complicated, and some people don't like that, but it's one of my favorite versions and I definitely recommend it. TamaTown: Also known as the Tama-Go. Despite it's portable sounding name, it's huge. And you need the extra figures on top to get the most enjoyment out of the version, which I personally didn't really like. They're too big and hard to get for it to be worth just a few games and locations to me, but some people really like it, and if you're okay with getting the figures, then it's a great version. IDL: Really really great color version packed with features and characters. I personally haven't spoken to anyone who has one and didn't enjoy it. I run mine all the time. The english version is really expensive, but you can find japanese versions really cheap (comparatively) these days. Navigating a japanese version is actually really easy, and there's plenty of guides out there. P's: Same as the IDL but with Pierces, which are like the figures from the Tama-Go. However, the P's have more features without the Pierces and the Pierces themselves have more content, so I enjoyed my P's version much more (personally). Based on what you want, I would recommend the P's. It has the expansion pak design that caught your eye, but even if you can't get that many (or any) pierces, you'll have a great time with it. It's only in japanese, but navigating it is a breeze, just read one guide and you're all set. There's also an english patch for it (I don't know much about that, but I do know you need an IR phone to download it onto your computer then transfer it to the tama) if you really don't want a japanese version. I hope this helped! If you want any more information about any of this, feel free to message me (and I'm sure pretty much everyone else here on the forums would be happy to help as well) or look it up, chances are there's a topic on whatever you need right here on this forum.
  11. Not all tamagotchis have a Henshin Jo transformation, and I might be wrong, but I think Peintotchi is one of them.
  12. ~~EVE_REQUIEM LOG NOTICE~~ A few important announcements about the structure of this log: 1. I have school all week, so I can't take care of a younger tama as well. Because of this, I will be keeping my tamas as adults throughout the week, and then going through their offspring and younger stages during the weekend. I will try to spread out the tamatomo stamps and everything though to keep it interesting. 2. I have ordered a +Color online, and that should get here in a few weeks!! I will be adding it into this log if anyone expresses interest in that, as it's a rare version and many people haven't seen all it's features (me included!) 3. If you're reading this log and enjoying it, let me know what you want to see! I have many other tamas, and if you want to see me run one to decide if you want that version or something let me know and I'll run it. And if there are any specific characters you want me to try to get in the future of this log, tell me and I'll go for it!
  13. My new Kaubotchi had a great day of playing games, eating delicious foods, playing with toys, and meeting with other tamagotchi friends at the park. He went to sleep (again!) before he could evolve into his teenage stage, so I decided to wait until today to log again. First thing in the morning when he woke up, he turned into a handsome Bokuhoshitchi. With all that leftover money I got from playing games all day to make him happy, I decided to get my little Boku ready for the holiday season by getting him a (sort of) winter-themed living room. After seeing how much he enjoyed his crystal-and-snowflake covered room, I decided to give him another treat and decorate his Kitchen to match! The builders got to work on the Kitchen, and the finished product looked great. He was so happy with it, that he decided to have a little treat (even though he wasn't hungry) just to admire it a bit more. Unfortunately, our day wasn't all perfect, as I had to get a few care misses so that he'll evolve into one of my favorite characters. I'm keeping it a secret for now, but you'll know by tomorrow what it is (if I counted right! ). If so, we should be in for a very cute week with this little guy! I'll keep updating, and I should have his adult stage up by tomorrow.
  14. Is anyone logging a Friends Dream town or a 4U/4U+ with pictures? I'd love to see it if so

    1. RubyLullaby


      Oh yeah, I would like to see it too :3