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  1. It's not an uncommon design. It was part of the first wave of Tamagotchi colorways released in europe. We didn't get that many plain shells here.
  2. The rules for perfect care characters are simple. Just take perfect care
  3. What's everyone's experience regarding secret characters? Mimitchi recommends giving perfect care to Masukutchi and Zuccitchi and I've successfully raised a Gaijintchi ("Bill") that way, but I have found a couple of people on youtube who got Zachi with less than perfect care. Makes me wonder what determines the evolution of the secret character..
  4. Does it really only happen when you take good care of it? I thought they always laid eggs before dying. Gotta find out for sure next time I raise a bad care character.
  5. In my experience a cheap method of shipping (padded envelope) from another continent can make things surprisingly affordable. I've paid less than 5€ to have a (packaged)Tamagotchi shipped from the US to Germany. Shipping inside Germany is often over 5€.
  6. Japanese P1 generally can be had for under $15 then.
  7. Nah, they can be had way cheaper than that. The last P1 I bought new in unopened packaging was $10. In europe prices are a little crazy, though. Used P1s in good condition often go for €10 to €16 here. Unopened ones are €20 to €50.
  8. I'm not sure how high the risk is. I kept my P1 in a drawer for years and I had to clean the contacts befor using it again (quite nerve wrecking). I've heard reports here of vintage Tamagotchis working fine right out of the package and other ones that were malfunctioning. I've seen a couple of Tamagotchis with the same design as yours during the last month, so they are out there..
  9. Don't open it! These are much more collectable (and expensive) when unopened. Particularly first series european P1s like yours. By opening the packaging you're essentially turning it into a used one which reduces its value a lot. Used ones are still quite affordable. It might not even work properly with new batteries. The old ones could have corrorded some contacts on the circuit board.
  10. Cool. Yes, I'm already trying for Oyajitchi. The last Masktchi died aged 17. R.I.P.
  11. Guess I messed it up, too. It's 13 now and still no evolution. Oh well..
  12. 11 sounds about right. My Masktchi is 10 now and hasn't evolved yet. It should happen very soon. Discipline meter is full and it has been sick already. So you probably still have a chance.
  13. Can't be long now. I also just raised a Masktchi. It's 6 now. Hope I'll have a Oyajitchi soon