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  1. As anyone who's ever owned a furby knows, the little fluffballs are considered, ah... notorious for their malfunctions, when combined with their ability to learn phrases and such. Does anyone have stories about times their furby said or did something that was unexpected, odd, or scary? I'd love to hear what other furby owners have experienced.
  2. Currently focusing on the v4 because it's the only one with a working battery. Now that I've graduated, I should be able to get the v3 & v5 up and running just fine to take care of them.

  3. I'm so over high school... I need to get outta this town already.

  4. The person from before hadn't gotten the update, because it hadn't come out yet. But, yes, you can play Fetch in the current version. My fugu is light blue with a sky blue spot over her left eye. Her name is Lucy.
  5. Going through pictures and videos of people's tamagotchi collections on various sites, I've noticed something: very few people have the transparent pink v3 connection tamagotchi. I happen to own one, myself, it's an American tamagotchi. This got me wondering: is the pink transparent v3 a rare shell design or something?
  6. Here's hoping I get more tamas for Christmas...

    1. SailorRosette


      Me too, but I doubt it.

    2. Happily Candied
    3. JovialGinjirotchi


      almost asked for a vintage, but every year i seem to care less lol it's like bdays.

  7. I have the transparent pink v3, the glow-in-the-dark v4, and the pink "I love my family" design v5. All three are currently running. I hope to get more soon.
  8. My friends and family know that I found mine again the other day and put fresh batteries in them, and when I brought them to school last week (I'm 17 and a senior in US high school), a bunch of my friends got all excited and told me stories about their old tamas. The senior class as a whole may be having a tamagotchi party tomorrow if enough others find theirs. We all got ours around the time V3s were released in the USA. I kinda kick started the craze when I bought my translucent pink V3 in fifth grade. When I told some of my old friends and fellow tama owners from elementary school, they were surprised to hear that their tamas from 7+ years ago are still in my V3's friend list! I'm already a bit of an oddball (in a good way) so it's not very surprising to them...
  9. It took me way longer than it should have to remember how to connect my V3 and V4 to each other. Guess I've gotten a bit rusty!!

    1. Moussette


      ^^ how is it to get back into tamas ?


  10. V3: Mei. 5 years old, 55 lbs. Adult; Sokitoritchi. Female, second generation. One discipline point. V4: Kayla. 5 years old, 99 lbs. Adult; Yattatchi. Female, third generation. Fully disciplined. V5: DRWHO family, first generation. Blended teenagers: Kokorotchi, Shelltchi, and Bakutchi. Fully bonded.
  11. They will be adding more features in the next update, which should happen sometime in the next few weeks. It looks like they are developing a feature where users can play fetch with their fugus, from the teasers they have posted in their Facebook page, which is run by the programmer behind the game.
  12. V3: Mei. 4 years old, weighing 53 pounds. Adult; Sokitoritchi. 1 discipline point. 2nd generation female. V4: Kayla. 4 years old, weighing 98 pounds. Adult; Yattatchi. Full discipline points. 3rd generation female. V5: DRWHO family. 20% bonded. Blended family teens; Kokorotchi, Shellitchi, and (I forget the last one, but it's the little bomb dude.). 1 generation. Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. App: 4 years old, weighing 20 ounces. Full discipline points. Teen; Hashitamatchi.
  13. Documenting the growth, evolutions, health, and stats of the Tamagotchis Dr. Tama is currently operating.
  14. Wrote a paper about tamagotchis and how much people used to love them. Now, the rest of the senior class and I are going to have a tamagotchi party before exams for the sheer nostalgia. Most people kept theirs from 7 years ago!

  15. The tamagotchi craze with the connection series started when I was in fifth grade. My friends and I (surprisingly, in hindsight, I've realized most were guys with tamagotchis) would bring our tamagotchis to school and connect them during recess. My V3 was once taken away by my fifth grade teacher because she thought I was playing with it when my hand got stuck inside my desk. She had it for six months, and it hadn't been paused at the time. When I got it back at the end of the school year, I discovered she had raised and bred several more generations of tamagotchis! Incidentally, I revived my V3 the other day, and a bunch of my friends' tamas from 7 years ago were still in the friends list. None of my teachers say anything about tamas now because they're too busy with people playing with laptops, iPhones, etc., since the tamas don't have internet or anything. My advice: Keep the sound off, for the love of all things good. Check between classes. Pretend you're checking the time on your phone, if people at your school do that a lot. Lots of purses and backpacks have hidden inside pockets the right size for storing some of the older tamagotchis. Lots of people keep valuables in those pockets, so it would look less suspicious. Don't look at it or check it during tests. (DUH!!) Avoid checking it in classes where you have strict teachers. If teachers give you time to work on homework in class, put it in between notebooks or binders you're using and half work, half take care of your tama.