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  1. Haven't been around in awhile... How's it going everyone? c:

    1. SugaryGoesRAWR


      its going good thank u!!

    2. Kitt


      Niceee ^ω^-b

  2. Thanks to EMF, TamaMum, Admin, and Izzy for the birthday wishes! It's been an awesome birthday and I'm thankful to have friends near and far who will leave me such kind words. :)

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Rainbow-Monkey


      Happy Birthday! :)

    3. tamatown123


      Happy birthday! *gives donut* :P

    4. Kitt


      Yay donuts! x3 Thanks guys c:

  3. Happy Birthday - hope you have a great day :)

    1. Kitt


      Thank you, TamaMum! It has been a wonderful day ^^

  4. Been busy trying to find work. Finally have a job with a decent salary.. I start on Monday. So relieved and thankful c:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. 2pVaporeon


      Good for you! Im getting to the point where i need to start looking for a job soon. Anyway, congrats!

    3. Itsumo-nana


      Yay, congrats!! You seriously deserved it. All the sweat you wasted in those interviews... :P

    4. Kitt


      Thanks a lot, guys! It was a tense few weeks, but I'm glad I fit in somewhere ^^; Best of luck in your searches as well, amy and 2pVaporeon! c:

  5. I might finally have a job with Thompson Reuters. Legal writing is tough, but it'll be great experience from a big company!

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      oh thats wonderful! congrats <3

    2. Kitt


      Thanks, Odds! c: It's only a temp position, but hopefully I can stick in there and get a permanent spot

  6. Does anyone here play Weiß Schwarz?

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    2. Carol_tama


      as for the cards I play Magic: the Gathering :)

    3. Kitt


      Oh, the PC game? I always wanted to try it! Never got the chance, though. :c Do you, Nyle? I've never seen it, but the cards looked cool!

    4. Kitt


      I played MTG for a while, but I wasn't great and it was expensive to keep up with standard play @_@; I still have my vampire legacy deck, though. <3 I love running it.

  7. I just got a rejection letter from the place I interviewed with... ._. Well, time to keep looking.

  8. I took some progress pictures to see my weight loss for the last couple months... basically no change ._.

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    2. Jhud


      Or it might mean that it's your natural weight. Yes, it's a thing. You know, muscles weight more than fat. If you are thin then there is no need to lose weight, because the numbers don't matter. This is why guys weight more than girls.

    3. Kitt


      Thanks TamaTamatchi. :) And I've been keeping measurements and weight logs, the former indicates that I have lost inches, but the later shows me hovering at the same pound number (137-140 lbs). I have a very clean diet because I have so many allergies (dairy, eggs, gluten, yeast, barley) and I work out several times a week... so I guess I'm just bummed that it doesn't show more. XD Glad your diet went well for you, Heather! Jhud, it might be? But the in-body assessment machine...

    4. Kitt


      *But the in-body assessment machine I use every few weeks tells me I am about 12 lbs overweight for my current height and age... so I dunno @_@;

  9. I should probably try bartering more often than I do, but I have made some deals with eBay sellers! Most recently I bartered lower prices on my Pokemon Mini games. c:
  10. I know! I was really surprised at how fast it came with just standard shipping + tracking. ^^ I really like the charm, too! It was a sweet little extra- I think I'm going to put it on a jack plug for my smartphone, though, it's a little long for the vintages. c: Have you found any good charms for your Angel or Devil? Also, I got my last two Pokémon Mini games in the mail today: I used to own Pokémon Pinball on the GBA, and I've always loved Tetris, so I was excited to see that these were titles for the PM!
  11. My Devilgotchi arrived today! She even included a cute hand drawn note and a Hello Kitty ghost charm! <3 Thank you, Beagee!
  12. Aw, don't feel stupid! You know much more English vocabulary than most of us English speakers know of French vocabulary, I'm sure.
  13. I wish they had made winged Devilgotchi cases with purple/hot pink/red/orange glitter styles like they made the silver/pink/yellow ones for the Angelgotchi. .-.

  14. A Q-tip is a generic brand of cotton swab. They look like this: