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  1. Hello guys, I was wondering what does connecting your mix to the tamagotchi meets app does. Is there any point going through the hassle and doing it; like does it unlock anything cool or special? I don't have a meets so thats why I was wondering what functionalities are available for the mix with the app. Thanks!
  2. Also, do you guys find that used tamas are good or no? How long do you think they will last, because I don't know the condition of them
  3. Ah I see, I'm not really familiar with the IR system. I guess theres no point in getting one for cheap then right? I don't plan on investing more than what the used tamagotchi itself costs.
  4. Guys, do you find there to be a big difference between the meets and the mix?

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      I know that the Meets uses the same breeding mechanic as the M!X, but the Meets also allows twins to be born.

    2. Verklighet


      and there are pets, going to day care will charge you by the hour (that's what I heard in a YouTube video), and there are new locations (I guess with every new Tamagotchi, but give it or take it).

  5. Hello everyone, I am interested in purchasing a Tamagotchi IDL since I don't own one. Thus, I have some questions regarding this tama in particular. 1. I want the functionality to download items onto my Tamagotchi, but don't have an irda phone or laptop. I vaguely remember irda usb dongles being a thing back when it released, so where can I find that online? What is it called, and can anyone provide a potential link to one? 2. In terms of used tamagotchis in particular, are they reliable from Japan You Want? How long do they last, do you think because they have already been used for so many years that the machine is going to be old/laggy/die after a couple months? Thank you so much, sorry my questions are somewhat wordy. Would appreciate all the help I can get!
  6. For IDL downloads, what is the maximum number of games you could download potentially?

  7. Hello, when you connected your mix to the app are the same features available for it as the meets? Also what is the app useful for (mix in particular)?
  8. Hey! I have a question - where did you get your P's from? You've mentioned that you got it at a really good price
  9. Oof the meets is really similar to the MIX...I don't think I'll be getting it then! Rather get an IDL or some other variety aha

    1. KidRetro64


      I know!! I don’t have a mix, never really wanted one, but for the meets I was just in on it! They can connect to the mix and everything.. I won’t be able to do that but I don’t mind!

    2. tamagotchirocks


      @KidRetro64 yeah for you it makes sense to purchase the meets then!

  10. Would yall recommend purchasing a used IDL for christmas, or waiting a couple months to purchase the meets? Open to either but not both aha

    1. Jhud


      I'd go with the iD L tbh

    2. SkaIsNotDead


      The ID/IDL are my least favorite tamas. I'd go with any of the other colored tamas if you don't already have them

  11. Wow, thats great that it can connect to the m!x then I am hoping to watch some youtube videos or tutorials in the near future as to what features the connection provides. Is it as comprehensive as connecting a meets, or do you think that for the m!x the features are going to be limited for the app?
  12. Hey guys, is the Tamagotchi meets app also available for the m!x to connect to? Because I am a little confused after reading the english translation of the manual.
  13. When are people going to start recieving their meets? I am interested in watching reviews of it before deciding on purchasing it in the future.

    1. Penguin-keeper


      The Meets is out on November 23rd, if memory serves, so there's still a little bit of waiting before they'll even be sent out, yet!

    2. Jhud


      People who live in Japan will probably have theirs on the release date, while others will have to probably wait at least a week to get theirs. Most likely by December you will start seeing reviews!

  14. Its crazy to think of how in the last several years, whenever a new tama would be released people would go hype all over this site with several posts everywhere. But now its a lot more condensed I guess aha

    1. Jhud


      Yeah, that's true. It's wild to not see preorders for a new tama immediately disappear. I guess the constant surge of M!Xes has burned people out?

    2. Nazotchi25


      For me it is the lack of North America versions

  15. Hello, I just got my m!x yesterday and let me tell you something. Throughout the first hours of playing it, I got used to the menus and where everything is pretty quick. Trust me, all you need is a little playing around with a japanese tama to figure everything out. Then everything is a piece of cake because the pictures and animations do help you out The only thing you are missing out on are the long conversations they have between characters (which really, I would honestly skip even if it was english >.<). Additionally, I have both the m!x and the friends and I would recommend getting the m!x since theres so much more features, it is easier to see (the colour screen is the most updated one) and has a lot of cute animations that make it worthwhile. Plus right now, a new tamagotchi friends is almost the same price as a new m!x so why not go for that? P.S. I also believe the new tamagotchi meets is released during that time. So if you're interested, you may want to look into that as you get closer to the date. Or, you can still stick to the m!x since maybe the stores might want to clear their stock out, so you might find them for a good price Plus, you can get used to the m!x faster since theres so many accumulated resources over the past two years of the release. Hope this helps!