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  1. Yeah, I did at times. I still feel like its weird that it would die in its sleep though haha. I feel like they should’ve implemented something to prevent that specific scenario from happening. I guess I did it to myself. As far as I know, none of my other Tamagotchis that I’ve used the trick for (some nanos and the original rereleases) have a rule that says they’ll die after an exact amount of time, so I guess that’s why this has never happened before.
  2. The title is pretty self-explanatory. I got woken up at 5am, well before it should have even woken up for the day, to my Oyajitchi dying (and of course I was lucky enough to have the species with the bug where the death animation lasts for an hour instead of one minute like it’s supposed to). Needless to say, the random beeping really scared me lol. I was offended and I took the battery out immediately. I left a note for myself in the future in case I want to run it again, because cause this experience hasn’t been pleasant Is this normal, and has this happened to anyone else? If so, why? When I looked on the wiki, it said the Minis can die at the approximate age of 15, which seems to be the case, but I didn’t start the tamagotchi’s life at 5am, so it shouldn’t have hit exactly 15 years old then, right? I also know that its health bars weren’t empty, as I clearly remember feeding it before 10pm when it went to sleep, and even if they were empty as it was going to bed, wouldn’t it have died later after waking up at the correct time rather than randomly in the middle of the night? I can’t think of anything that make’s this add up for me. No other tamagotchi I’ve owned has done this to me lol. Your input is greatly appreciated!
  3. Are the new Hello Kitty Tamagotchis the same as the original Tamagotchi rereleases? I know there are added Hello Kitty interactions and mini games, but are they the same otherwise?
  4. The instruction manual for the Tamagotchi ON claims that twins appear "every once in a while, " implying that it is a rare occurrence. I am challenging this claim with circumstantial evidence that points towards it actually being based on genetics in a similar way to how physical traits are determined. I am currently in the 15th generation of my Tamagotchi family. After tallying up which generations included twins and which didn't, I found that there were 10 out of 15 instances in which twins occurred. You could even take the first generation out of that, since it is impossible to have twins on the first generation, which would make it 10 out of 14 instances. This means that over 70% of the time, I have received twins, which is way too likely to be, "every once in a while." This could be chalked up to really good luck, but it's not as fun that way, is it? I honestly believe, based on my results, that my Tamagotchi bloodline is somehow predisposed to twins. My first set of twins happened immediately in my second generation, which sparked the long line of twins to come. I think Bandai knew what they were doing with this, as in they intentionally made it this way just to add depth to the genetics mechanic as a whole. Let me know what y'all think.
  5. I'm actually just randomly popping in here after reading your comment because the parents of a tama I just married has no I, like, screwed now? What even is mymeets anyway?
  6. I hope I'm not too late in replying to this, but I found this topic incredibly interesting. Here are some things I've liked from previous iterations (some of which people have already mentioned): - More gender-neutral designs: Today it's so obviously targeted towards young girls and it sucks that boys (or other people who just aren't into super girly things) can't carry a current one that isn't super feminine. I think the constant rainbows, hearts, and glitter is driving away a lot of possible consumers. - Weird/Ugly-looking creatures: I feel like a lot of the new designs look waaaaay too similar. So many of them have giant heads, sparkly eyes, and cute, poofy hair/fur. I feel like we don't need them to look super humanoid, I want more weird ones like these again. Give me something that has to slither or roll around instead of walking, you know? - Secret characters: I love the addition of "genetics" that they implemented in the Tamagotchi ON because of the nearly endless possibilities it brings in how your Tamagotchi can look generation after generation. However, I miss having the possibility of a wildcard character to randomly appear, or having to reach an extreme goal of some sort to get something really cool. I think it makes things way more interesting in general.
  7. I apologize for the vague title (and please let me know if I need to be more specific in the future) but I have several questions that are not entirely related to each other and I figured that just making one post would better than spamming the thread with multiple posts in quick succession. Like many of y'all, I just got a Tamagotchi ON (which also happens to be my first color Tamagotchi ever) and I have many questions that could not be answered by the manual that came with it. If anyone can answer some of my questions, I would greatly appreciate it. 1. When does the Tama Hotel actually close? The manual simply states "evening," so I looked it up and many sources stated that it closed at 5:00pm. However, after returning from work yesterday at 5:30, I was surprised to see that my Tamagotchi was still in the hotel. Did I misinterpret what my Tamagotchi said when it warned me not to pick it up too late? I was under the assumption that it would come home right away at 5:00pm. 2. How do I obtain customization options for "ICON"? Is that something only adult Tamagotchis can do? Mine is currently a teenager and I can't figure out how to unlock that function. The manual says I will receive them when "my play locations have opened up," but this is incredibly vague. I'm guessing it has something to do with going to other towns, but I still don't know. 3. How do I take my item back inside from the yard? I used to be able to do it, but ever since I got a pet I can't take my ball back inside anymore. Do I need to wait for the pet to leave after a while and then I can take it back in and put something else outside? This is another thing that the manual was pretty vague about. 4. Is there a way to collect the room customizations? I bought two different ones, but when I go back to the shop, one of the ones I previously bought still costs money. Do you have to buy one every single time you want to change it, even if you've had it before? I thought I could buy all of them and change them for free whenever I wanted (kind of like how I already collected all of the items such as the scooter and the magazine), but if this isn't the case at least it's one less thing I have to worry about fully collecting. This is all I can think of for now. I tried to ask things that weren't super spoiler-y so I won't ruin the fun for myself. Thanks in advance for the help
  8. I’ve been trying to catch the babies before they poop on the floor and I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort. I know that some Tamagotchis in the past have been able to potty train, but I don’t know if the Tamagotchi Friends can. Thanks
  9. I just started up my Tamagotchi Friends again and I was looking at some growth charts to plan out what characters I want. Some charts mention playing the “coin catch” game to get “active” adults. Where would I find this game? It’s not in the game section. Also, for the “social” adults, it says something about sending SMS. What exactly do they mean by this? Is it a special feature I’ve missed out on? Sorry if this is obvious stuff or if there’s another thread I should be looking at, I haven’t been into the Tamagotchi stuff in a little while. Thanks y’all ✌🏻
  10. Do you like how obnoxious my new background is?

  11. They're both adults now...Idk how but I got a Mametchi on one of them. They're both REALLY fat and I know they're not at their base weight xD I guess I'm just not trying hard enough. Sorry for bothering you
  12. My Tamagotchi Friends have visited each othe many times, and they have 4 hearts for each other. But they won't get married. Am I doing something wrong? They're both 6 years old.