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  1. Hey, I hope this is the right place to ask. Does any of you know of some place where I could download all the sprites used in tamas in a single .zip file? (Or, at least, a file for each version or something) I'm trying to make some sort of app (I'll share it with you if I ever manage to make it) and I need the sprites, but I can only find them as either big images I'd have to manually crop tons of times or single-sprite files so I'd have to download a lot of them. I'll do that if I need to but since I'm a lazy person it would be nice to find that .zip xD
  2. Thanks for telling me. I'm kinda new and awkward.
  3. I hope the mods don't mind if we have a conversation in another language here °-° or maybe this should go on another category... Can some mod tell me? xD Sono italiana anch'io comunque!