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  1. What I will be doing from here on for the log. Okay so I decided trying to update everyday even when I have work is a bad idea. So from this day forward for some quality control, and some less strain on me I will be updating once a week. With this I will be able to hopefully flesh out my logs some more with what happened through out the week for Violetchi, and I, and any future tama's that come forth from my Melody Mix. So yeah. I hope you guys are enjoying this!
  2. Events of the pass two days. So yesterday I found Tantotchi had grew into another Haretchi! I thought I did a terrible job taking care of her this time around. Haretchi family pic!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjVNfjhnQZk/ Now today I had been woken up from my sleep to find Haretchi growing even more. This time into Violetchi! I figured that depending on the gender the tama will take on the character of their parent's. So here is Violetchi's family picture! https://www.instagram.com/p/BjX6kLznRjo/ That isn't all that happened today. While in the morning Violetchi heard a wonderful tune. She got asked to play a trumpet as she followed a few musical tamas to a new town. Which turned out to be Melody Land! She got to meet Melodytchi while she was there.Then close to her bed time she started to think of a berry treat she had gotten a lot at a cafe recently. Upon finding one in her home she followed a trail of treats to Berry Town!!! She discovered two towns in one day. Violetchi you can rest, you had a busy day.
  3. Slow days Yesterday Tamapatchi grew into Tantotchi. Though today not much happened. It was a slow day at work, and slow day for her too. Though today Tantotchi tried to unlock places for her to visit. It's fun to watch her do her thing. Anyway sorry for the short post today people. Will try for more tomorrow. Gen 3 family pic!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjQWe9knHS6/
  4. A playful present, and marriage! Today Kikitchi(?) stepped outside his home. Wandering about he bumped into Himebaratchi! Who ended up giving him a gift. The gifthttps://www.instagram.com/p/BjQL5o2nF5Y/ Now he had even a harder choice to make. For you see he was planning to propose to someone! He got the 500 priced ring yesterday after work. He had friendships (He was hoping than just more) with Violetchi, Chouchotchi, and now Himebaratchi. He was in trouble for each one liked him more than he knew. Taking a deep breath Kikitchi(?) went to Flower Hills with the ring ready. Making up his mind he approached Violetchi, after apologizing to the other two which they thankfully understood, and accepted the apology. Now was the moment of truth. Greeting Violetchi, he took a nervous gulp. Professing his feelings for her he got down on one knee. Violetchi seemed surprised by the sudden action. Pulling the ring out Kikitchi(?) asked Violetchi to marry him. Moments felt like hours, before Violetchi came up to him with a smile. The answer he hoped for: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjQPQ2IHj-n/ Once home a cute Tamapatchi hatched from the egg. This was the end for the second generation story. A new chapter had started when Tamapatchi had came into her parent's life. The start of the third generation: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjQPjL9ndgk/ End of Gen 2: Kikitchi(?) Husband to Violetchi. Father to Tamapatchi. Son of Lovelitchi, and Kikitchi(Original). The friends have grown to cover Tamatown, Patchi Forest, and Flower Hills. Gen 3 starts now!
  5. Confusing adulthood??? Okay so let me start off with saying seeing the combinations is fun, Though today with the sudden growth after work today I am a bit confused. Haretchi grew to his adult form after work today. I was surprised for I was walking to best buy when it happened. He looks like Kikitchi, but his color is white with his mother's poofs, along with a blue bow. When I got home I looked up how he was acquired in the mix line up, but no definitive answer. So I am stumped yet, happy! So if you guys have any ideas on how I got him I would love to here it! Grown up fully!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjOKfzUHe_0/
  6. Growing Growing and Growing still Today when I had woken up I found Puchitomatchi had growen into another Haretchi! He still got his father's face color's, and mother's poofs ontop of his head. I also took him to work today, and I will tomorrow. The little dude is helping me out get through the day. I wonder who he will grown into. So right now I won't spoil the fun! After all the fun is all about seeing what comes next! New Family Photo!!!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjMEzr2nWDM/
  7. Long days, tiring work, and sleepy nights. Today Puchitomatchi went with my to work just like the mini's did way back then. He was happy just to be close with me sense he was now out of his parent's home. I made sure to check on him regularly the best I could. Having raised his mother Puchitomatchi was surprised with how balanced I try to keep work moving and checking on him. Now he is asleep happily in his bed, though not sure how he will feel about having to do it again for tomorrow, and Friday. Oh well. So for now all I can say is Sleep well, Puchitomatchi!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjJU-FvHDHA/
  8. Gen 2 On his own. Tamabotchi grew in just an hour. Packing his things he wished his parent's good bye as he left. Lovelitchi gave him a map, and the building blocks she played with when she was his stage. The Puchitomatchi has a yellow tint along with his mother's hair puffs on his head. Now he will grow on his own full of the wonder his mother has. Good luck to Puchitomatchi Good bye mom and dad!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjGCAdMHGk4/
  9. Love being bloomed for Lovelitchi Today when I woke up I found Haretchi has grown into Lovelitchi! Little did the now fully grown tama knew that the growth would be last surprising thing she'd encounter today. While she was out in town Kikitchi approached her. They have been having a lot of time together, from the moment Haretchi first stepped into town. To Kikitchi their friendship bloomed into something more. So he came to her today despite only just becoming a fully grown tama. Getting down on one knee Kikitchi proposed to Lovelitchi fully confessing his feelings for her! Taken back it took her a good moment to come to an answer. The Answer: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjF6pHnHuCH/ She said yes! Kikitchi was surprised, but happy all the same. Their wedding quickly came and went. To the two love stricken tama's time was moving so fast. Before they knew it there was an egg. Sitting down next to the married couple took turns holding and kissing the egg sharing their love to it. Soon before their eyes it hatched into a beautiful baby boy named Tamabotchi. He has a light yellow body with his eggshell sitting atop his head. Taking the opportunity Lovelitchi,Kikitchi, and their parents respectively got together for a photo for the start of the new life. The Family Photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjF69WjHq1g/?taken-by=unakachi End of Gen 1: Tama grown - Lovelitchi, wife to Kikitchi, and mother to Tamabotchi. Max happiness over 20 points before the marriage. Friends - Mametchi, Kutchipatchi, Memetchi, Morijikatchi, and Guriritchi. Start of Gen 2 begins now!
  10. Days quickly gone by for the growing tama. During yesterday, last night, and today I took Tantotchi with to work, and to a hangout with my friends. She ended up seeing Avenger's infinity war straight after evolving into Haretchi! So that was to my surprise. I didn't get a pic of her before or after the movie, so I grabbed one when I got home today. So far from what I am reading I am taking perfect care to have ended up with with such a cutie! I look forward to seeing who I get next. So now I look forward to what tomorrow will bring for Haretchi and I. Till next time everyone Little Egg Bump: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjDTqnwHLwx/
  11. Start of Something New! Today a special came in. The cute little girl I am now raising is the first generation of hopefully many. It took me a little bit to understand how the happiness worked, but I got a hang of it! Though I got work tomorrow so hopefully I can get access to the day care before then. Anyway I need help thinking of a name to call this little one. Any ideas? My New Cutie: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi-hDVnBm4F/ Update: The cute baby girl I started out with has grew to her child stage! So I may just call them by their real name. Say Hello to Tantotchi!: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bi-ogVdBgsk/
  12. My Mix came today! New log starting now!!!

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      You'll have a blast! They're really unique.

  13. Just ordered A Blue Tamagotchi M!X Melody version! It should get here sometime in May

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      I am glad you got it for less tbh, sometimes to get tamagotchis you need to spend a lot of money. I hope you enjoy it!

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      I will most likely do a log for the M!X. Honestly this is my first Japanese Tamagotchi.

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      Ooh, is there any where else better to buy a mix? I love my girl amazon, but I’m extremely impatient

  14. Holy cow. That took a daaaaark turn. This is surely strange but I like it.