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  1. Yes Asia has them for pre-order Here I'm guessing their the store pyrotarukia saw them on as their $99.99 Although free postage world wide, it's much more for me than it'll be on CDJapan
  2. Only 48 pieces are available in the store. The other 12 are gained when you raise a certain number of unique adults.
  3. Different 'Friends' Background http://s29.postimg.org/gdkba0ks7/IMG_20140321_00009.jpg is March 22nd a Holiday anywhere?

    1. Jhud


      March 21st is the first day of spring, so yeah...

  4. Hmmmm, my friends seems to have a new background/wallpaper. Time and date are correct. Dunno if it's for an event or what. The pixels are so darned hard to photograph. EDIT Just realised date is set to 22nd March. Hard to make out but it's a dining table with 2 chairs, cabinet in the back and decorations on the ceiling. Guessing some sort of Holiday like the Christmas/New Year ones. Dunno what for though. http://www.vercalendario.info/en/event/unitedstates-holidays-22-march-2014.html Would love it to be 'Poison Prevention Week' themed. In fact, even if someone knows the real reason, I'm gonna call this the Poison Prevention wallpaper.
  5. He has to be an adult for 52 hours on the TF.
  6. I think the egg chosen at the beginning determines the pattern. One means 3 girls, 3 boys, 3 girls, 3 boys One mans Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl One is random Someone else posted their findings in a thread on here. I think this pattern is restarted when you Marry another Friend rather than date place. Like you say, both babies are the same gender. The BFF Heart doesn't have to be full. I married two on my first go just by 5 bumps daily until their 'friendship meter' was full (The one listed in the friend list rather than BFF Points). You can also speed up the process. Yes the Tama's have to be 6 However they only have to be an adult for 52 hours before the date place/Marriage becomes available. So a TF becomes an adult aged 2. Say it becomes an adult at 12pm on a Monday, at 4pm on the Wednesday it can marry but will only be aged 4 so date place won't be showing. Set the time to 6.59am and wait a minute. When it wakes up it'll have aged a year. Do this twice and it'll be 6 years old and your good to go. Saves you at least a day if you've got a character you don't like.
  7. I've had both. Yumemitchi seems random good care. Pianitchi I got with always fully happy on snacks and games but always hungry. I don't think a chart would work at this stage. There is far too much contradictory info. The only certs are Spaceytchi and Hoshigirltchi = Terrible care Rightchi is not average and Mametchi is not best in m experience, looking at this page alone as an example. Myself (And a fair few others) got Rightchi with perfect care. I got Mametchi by keeping at best 2 stars full for hunger and happiness. If someone could maybe tally of results that would be better than a chart. We could then work through theories that prove a certain method/care will raise a certain character. Personally I think it's like the v3. There are certain degrees of care but there are multiple characters in that care range making it random. Again, yet to be proven
  8. Lovelitchi on my ID L ... by keeping her asleep almost 48 hours and playing with her all of 2 minutes :D

  9. Not really. What I've said seems to say those 2 characters are a definite with feeding snacks/99lbs weight like the specials on the Nano's or the 'play 20 games' etc method on the P's. I've tried it twice for Kuchipatchi and another user has said he got Decoratchi in the way I did. So, with a few more people trying this, we can see if this is a definite 'secret growth'. The Tama-Go definitely had a more obvious growth pattern, even though it lacks a conclusive growth chart.
  10. Yay. Just got Giragiratchi on my IDL E. Raised all 4 'Special' characters in first 4 generations ... from now I can enjoy it and have a proper play through. No more resetting my ID and going through the motions.

  11. Working on an experiment at the moment. I think if you feed nothing but snacks as a teen and get the weight to 99lbs the result is Decoratchi or Kuchipatchi. I've gotten Kuchipatchi twice this way from both Cosmotchi and Bokuhoshitchi. Got Decoratchi from Painaputchi with this method.
  12. Can anyone with a TF confirm my little theory ... Feeding nothing but snacks and getting the weight to 99lbs will result in either Decoratchi or Kuchipatchi. I've managed Kuchipatchi twice this way but have since traded my Spare Friends so am only running one now so no growth experiments.

    1. tamatown123


      I agree! I tried this and I got Decoratchi.

    2. Eternal Mametchi Fan
    3. Itsumo-nana


      I want a TFriends even more now >.< ono back to Ebay hunting lol

  13. 13th Gen on my Tamagotchi Friends and still only raised 8 Characters. Spaceytchi, your annoying me.

  14. Special isn't for Marriage. A Visit 'Bump' will marry them if old enough and Friends. And yeah, as we now know, it's for the Kiosks. Hopefully it's more than just food and jewellery.