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  1. Bandai Australia is a whole separate company maybe they'll have a different release? Date or a different tamagotchi altogether. They did get the English iD L.
  2. Just wanted to pop in and say that's my Tumblr unfortunately the faceplates are not removable at all, the new TF is surprisingly well-built. The screen is much clearer and the new destinations and cute animations are awesome. I'm seriously loving this new version!
  3. I found my Anniversary 4U had a harder time picking up the NFC signal on my Nexus compared to my other 4U's but not to the point that it wouldn't transfer. Lots of "please bring the devices together" messages though, this never happens on my original 4U's.
  4. I have a Cheeks Chan and absolutely adore it! I especially love the website/app it connects to so you get extra items, recipes, and characters. This website has the best info: (just use your browser to translate to English.)
  5. I bought all my pierces when they were first released and I remember them all being under $10 before shipping, other than the collaboration pierces, which were slightly more expensive (Ciao, Sanrio, Aikatsu, etc.) Part of the reason they're more expensive now is because stores wouldn't get any more in stock once they sold out because Bandai seemed to stop producing them once the next pierce was released, so there aren't a lot out there. The P's itself was on the market much longer than any one pierce, so there are a lot of them out there and so the price decreases. The LoveMelo pierce was the first one ever released and was barely on the market for two weeks before a new pierce came out, unlike the others which had a month in between releases. Your best bet is to keep checking Ebay.
  6. Not a huge fan of the Baby Change pierce, I love the cute baby characters but its weird marrying them off and sending them to school. I don't think there's any pierce I actually dislike though.
  7. I think $75 is roughly what their suggested retail is (they are more expensive than regular 4U's) so the preorders I'm seeing on EBay aren't too bad price-wise. Plus they're guaranteed to come with the Rola card.
  8. They expected us to buy a new iD/iD L every time they added some extra characters (love melody, princess spacey, 15th Anniversary, etc.) Hopefully someone will list the touch cards on Ebay.
  9. No, I'm not stupid and I resent that statement. The way you've been reacting to people saying they think there's enough built in content, or that they're happy paying for the touch cards, it seems like you dislike both the 4U and the cards both for their price and lack of content, which is why I assumed you viewed them negatively. What something is worth to anyone is relative. If I believe a certain item is worth $400 and pay that much for it, great. It may not be worth that much to anyone else, but that doesn't matter. That's the point I was making. People that believe the cards/paid downloads are worth it will pay. Others won't. Life goes on.
  10. Look the price is all those of us that collect everything tama-related and don't mind paying 10 bucks for more content, it's a no-brainer to buy these. The same thing happened with the pierces when the P's came out (which also may have been ugly to some, yet they had to get them anyway for the content.) Bottom line: if you don't like it, don't buy it. Same goes for the 4U. I personally think it has about the same amount of content as the TMGC+C, which everyone seems to love, without the downloads. The downloads are an added bonus unique to this tama. Don't like it? Great go buy a different version but don't put down those of us who like this one.
  11. I actually posted that scan on the Facebook group. Yes it says that after getting the 10 character stamps, the characters will appear in the park to sell you the items (I believe.)
  12. I can confirm the name/birthday trick works for the 4U app as well, I have two different usernames registered and was able to connect a third 4U with the same username and birthday without a problem.
  13. Only adults can take classes and only during the day when the school is open. If its closed, you'll see a character wrapped in bandages like a mummy. With the frying pan, you'll only be able to go to the cooking class (last option at the school), you need the first 5 items at the Tama Depa for all the classes.
  14. Interesting that the December faceplates are cheaper than the November ones. I ended up ordering the Pink Snow, Stripe Melody, and Galaxy ones. Can't wait!
  15. The app has three new downloads today: a new wallpaper, an RC car, and a cookbook.