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  1. I'm glad you guys like it lol but unfortunately I don't. I have to keep it on mute because the 4.5 seems to be very loud and the slow beeps are more disruptive to outdoors I wish I could turn it back ... I don't want to reset it D:
  2. Ohh now that you mention it that way it does sound similar ! I have yet to try new batteries... That would really blow if it was the batteries because they were fresh and new
  3. I've made a video ! Please ignore the child in the background (:
  4. ive been so busy cleaning at least onw tonne of junk from my room. still no p2 :(

    1. Sabrazom


      D: Aw,that sucks!

  5. Did I miss some event where the audio tones completely changed ? It doesnt sound anything like when I first started up. It's not softer or anything it's just different beeps !
  6. monday must come! im going to do an unboxing video of my iD L *_*

  7. T_T

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    2. Sabrazom


      Dont worry,it will come soon! ^^

    3. ryonyanko


      Sabrazom as soon as you wrote that it processed in my state !!!!! Yeaaaah!!!!

    4. Sabrazom



  8. Blinded by the light... Wrapped up like a douche. Actually is : Blinded by the light, revved up like a deuce,
  9. does yukinkotchi play a big role in the anime? is she a side character in tmgc friends? shes myua favorite x3

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      She is a very minor character in the anime, and on the Tamagotchi Friends she just appears at the park. She is only raisable on the P's but yeah, she is very cool!

    2. 2pVaporeon


      she's my favorite too! :3

  10. USPS is killing me!!

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    2. ryonyanko


      they give false hope for on time delivery and don't update tracking -_-

    3. Brittygotchi


      mine told me it was out for delivery today, now it says it's in a different city ;_;

    4. ryonyanko


      What the heck that's so weird Dx

  11. Nope only have the ps3 here how's it compared to "last" gen?
  12. Yay i got ura mametchi! so cute!

    1. Sabrazom
    2. SakuraLove


      I'm running my Uratama right now as well! I have Ura Violetchi ^_^

    3. ryonyanko


      Awww she's so cute too !

  13. its 9° F and im still stuck in my driveway with a dead car... haalp !! winter is so bad this year!

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    2. tamastar133


      People here have Tank tops and short shorts :c

    3. ryonyanko


      Life man ! Life sometimes makes it hard on us living creatures lol. Tank tops and shorts . XD I don't disbelieve it

    4. Midorime


      Yeah it's pretty warm here.... I really don't know what all this 'snow' is everyone keeps talking about. XD

  14. whats the secret to good care chsracters! i never get them ! :(

    1. tamafan325


      don't make care misses, keep the meters full