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    When it comes to dance! ! :D
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    Furby Fan, I was a fan Tamagotchi. Collect electronic pet! Because they are so cute, it's fun!

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    6 Japan limited edition Tamagotchi, 1 Tamagotchi Music Star, 2 Tamagotchi Connection bollard series V2 Tamagotchi, 1 Tamagotchi Family house and a rare Angelgotchi connection.
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  1. Oh, it's so cute! You enter your name, I asked Tamagotchi? Or all you need not give your name? How could he know that the time you eat I love it.
  2. I can not decide! They were both very interesting. <3 For old fans to enjoy, why not add the new site Tamatown game? Allows the Music tar toys and Dream town!
  3. Oh yes!! Aw, the character and Asutchi Osutchi! <3 Should include updating the characters as more applications! They attract fans around!
  4. Yes, I am loving my little pony! From the history of my little pony tales! My Little Pony Friendship is Magic my favorite program. However, I collect beautiful doll pony ever!
  5. Yaaay!! I'm so happy! I worked hard for me to connect my Tamagotchi V2, volume Tamagotchi Connection fair v1 I just bought, get married. Kuchipatchi Mimitchi and happily married now! <33
  6. A normal type phenomenon, I'm steel type Pokemon! Wow, how wonderful!
  7. What a wonderful app! I've been waiting for the release date. The most beautiful thing I've ever seen, Pakka pet is one of the most adorable and creative applications!
  8. YES! The Tamagotchi friends for the win!! I think all the English speaking countries, be published in it! When it reaches the countries of these, I hope they create an application in the L.I.F.E. of a friends Tamagotchi. The reason why the 17 years Tamagotchi have passed since then, released in 1996, Tamagotchi in the mid-2000s that has not been released in the UK.
  9. I have put my Tamagotchi ALL the time at school. Sound instead, I leave to vibration mode. Fortunately I do not need nursing regular class Tamagotchi! Require less attention at school who always grow a baby on stage this weekend. Another reason, brings me back to my childhood I can Tamagotchi connection, to the Tamagotchi family house. <3
  10. I like Tamagotchi rare exclusive shops. Often on eBay, visit the website of other countries in Asia and Japan. I'm paying for $ 72, $ 120 to $ 999, the Japanese team of a limited edition $ 742!
  11. Sure hope so! I miss Tamatown. This is one of the best games I've played MMORPG ever. Fun activities with silly people a lot!
  12. Seriously, I run the application. As the angel of my Tamagotchi, I love the truth. I like watch the webisodes and the marketing ideas and love to make a purchase of Tamagotchi. However, I think one thing, that with a little more. If a character from friends Tamagotchi or connection is included in the application or by creating anime character application thereof, which would be good for them. I would enjoyed it completely, I will adore the care of a friend of my cute Tamagotchi! , Many of nostalgia for my Tamagotchi connection and go! Tamagotchi! So it will be something very special to me.
  13. Rarity! Rainbow Dash! They are the best pony!
  14. I do not love. However, I like romantic novels and fanfictions. They are reading and very happy! <3
  15. Pocket Neopets is so fun! I remember in order to be able to take it away from the central of Neopia or Faerieland around the world to connect to the Internet. This is a very addicting virtual pet game! Bring back the memories! <3