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  1. I logged in into this account and reading past messages. This is very unepic. 

  2. Interesting... I'm glad I remembered my password!

  3. https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/53601640/
  4. I know I took good care but isn't Tamatchi a male and mimitchi is a female? The Marutchi sprite is happy because it showed the happy eating sprite and I know what his death sprite was because my brother killed his.
  5. While I was playing the gameboy version of tamagotchi, my Tamatchi turned into a mimitchi? Also my tamagotchi died when it was healthy and it never got sick. It died when it was a marutchi. What was odd that when your tama dies on the gameboy, it show your tama sad, but it showed him happy. Is this kind of a good ending or something like that?
  6. How To reset tamagotchi iDL?

    1. jennyxxfasho


      Reset? I think you're supposed to press the reset button on the back, and then apparently from what I've read, once the loading screen's up, press the second option, which is reset. Or replace the batteries and junk. I saw a Youtube video of someone replacing the batteries of their IDL and it brought them to the screen---> www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLF5_cLoE4E



  7. Wow 157 replies Putting these because I don't want to spam ☺️
  8. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=4uyypg&s=8#.U9yaaGK9KSM Sushigatchi made with my iPad
  9. http://epicmametchitama.deviantart.com/art/Happy-mametchi-466876005 Mametchi